1. Themastaa

    AIO Build 32 Coralife Biocube reef

    Hi my name is Robert. I am from south jersey outside of philadelphia. I am 30 just got back into the hobby this Christmas. Bought my girlfriend a Biocube32 we got the stand from Coralife and the protein skimmer. We are almost 3 week into having it setup. We used caribsea bahamas oolite as...
  2. BradleysNanoReef

    Kessil A80 Light Settings for a 5 Gallon Fluval Spec V?

    Hello All, I am new to the hobby and currently have a nano tank that's thriving. Recently I upgraded the light to a Kessil A80 with the intention of growing the coral faster and enhancing the color when viewing. I was curious as to how I should keep my settings (Color / Intensity) throughout...
  3. sharkbait-uhaha

    lighting question!

    So new to the forum but not so much to the reefing world... but I do have one question... for now, I ended up purchasing the waterbox 10g, now the question is what light to go with.. 3 choices all ranging from budget to expensive(ish) . Is it worth to spend the good chunk of change and get the...