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  1. MJY

    Cube Build Cade S2 600 Build - 24" 60G Cube

    Hi, And welcome from Australia! After a long hiatus from the hobby (circa 20 years), I decided during the pandemic that I would dip my preverbal toe back into the Aquarium keeping hobby. The question was just simply, what type? After much debate, I decided to purchase a Waterbox Cube 20G tank...
  2. Eye H8 Empty V

    2 KLIR DI-4 Fleece Rollers, y-Cable and 2 Extra Rolls - NEW!

    Hey everyone I've got 2 brand new KLIR DI-4 Fleece Rollers along with the linking y-cable and 2 extra fleece rolls(not pictured). Retail on all of this is $430, I'll take $350 and free shipping.
  3. Amato_WCReef

    Build Thread My new 300 Gal

    Hello!! My name is Erik and I recently moved and decided it would be a Perfect time to upgrade. Here is my new 3 month old tank. I plan on having it be mainly SPS with some LPS thrown in there. I’ll try to name everything i have done this far. I’ll keep you posted as i continue to modify. hope...
  4. O

    North Carolina Equipment for Sale (Vectra M2, Dalua GW-7 Skimmer, Klir Di-4, Heaters, refugium light)

    I have decided to downgrade to an AIO tank, so I'm selling the rest of the equipment that I had for my previous tank. I used all of these for approximately 7 months. Ecotech Vectra M2 $330 shipped) In excellent condition. It comes with the Barb & Screen Kit. Dalua GW-7 Skimmer ($350 shipped)...
  5. P

    Build Thread John’s Red Sea Reefer 250

    Two years ago I dabbled in the hobby for a short period. Being new to the hobby, I decided to go the cheapest route possible as all of this was like a foreign language to me. I purchased a 75 gallon tank and stand at the large pet retail chain for $200. I purchased all of the other necessary...
  6. Surfpulse

    Klir Fleece Roller Filter DI-7 (saggy filter)

    So I got this Klir DI-7 filter roller, because I always forget about my socks. Plus my work schedule sucks and sometimes- I'm gone for a few days. So I have ran into an issue with this thing. I noticed where the clean roll is, over time- it starts to sag a little. This allows water to bypass...
  7. Leon Gorani

    Will this work for my Klir di-4 filter roller?

    I just got my klir di-4 roller, when looking at the circular part that goes into the filter sock hole it is not exactly 4 inches wide, it is just a bit smaller. I had a custom piece of glass cut with a 4 inch hole, and now the plastic is smaller than the hole in the glass. But they include...
  8. Leon Gorani

    Has anyone made a custom set up for a Klir Fleece Filter Di-4 in a Red Sea 170?

    I am trying to figure out how I can fit the Klir Di-4 filter roller into the sock section of a Red Sea 170. I am thinking of ripping out the glass and holder of the filter sock and making a custom tray/holder to hold this type of filter roller. I have a new Red Sea 170 so I do not want to mess...
  9. Theducatiman


    Since these have been on sale and I have had good luck with the 7" version in my WB, has anyone used the 4" for an AIO system? I have a JBJ Flat Rimless Flat Panel that uses 4" filter socks. I think this would be a good upgrade if it'll fit correctly. Thanks Brandon
  10. sdreef

    Automatic Filter Roller Extending Fleece Life with Apex

    I have a Clarisea SK-5000 on a new system, but figure this could apply to any automatic roller. I was considering having the filter rollers turned off via the apex except for once or twice a day. I have not had the automatic roller for long, so I am wondering if anyone can think of any issues...
  11. jcdeboe

    Build Thread New 300 gallon reef build GlassCages, Night Hawk Designs, and Synergy Reef

    Finally got the 300 on the stand and will be posting the new build as it comes along. -Custom stand stainless steel powder coated created custom for the tank by Nighthawk Designs, LLC in Tucson, AZ. Tim Sheehey is the owner. He is currently creating the steel acid washed panels for the stand...
  12. B

    Build Thread Brandon's Quarantine edition 80 gallon SCA upgrade.

    Hey, long time member but I never felt I hand anything that I was particularly proud of. I've kept the same Biocube 32 for 9 years with success, but I never was able to do more with it due to the size limitations of the tank. Back in late Jan, I got the go-ahead to upgrade the tank, I still...
  13. M

    Build Thread build thread- New 220 waterbox reef tank

    Got the tank delivered on February 17 2020
  14. Ditto

    New York KLIR 4 - New in Boxes, plus fleece, plus spare motor

    I was going to install these two new Klir 4 in my new sump, but they would not fit. One was taken out of the box, and dry tested the other was never taken out of the box. I have 18 Rolls of Fleece, two New Motors and the Y Cable. I am selling them both for $500, which will include the 18...
  15. Forsaken77

    Any Thoughts On The Klir Filter?

    Specifically, has anyone seen it at any of the trade shows working? For those that don't know, the Klir is like a small Rollermat, but goes in the individual filter sock holders instead. It uses a 50 micron felt pad. They make a 4" size and a 7" size. My sump has three 4" sock holders, so...
  16. MarineDepot

    LIVE! at Reef-A-Palooza California 2017

    Reef-A-Palooza California 2017 Interviews See new gear from Neptune Systems, Maxspect, and Klir Filter plus meet the man behind Melev's Reef!
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