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    Florida (Red and white) wartskin angler, metallic fox face, and yellow fuzzy lion fish!

    Hello, I’m currently in the market for these three fish , I’ve been looking all over and they seem impossible to find at the moment , so I’m testing my luck on here, if anyone has any of these fish available for sale, I would be more then happy to purchase them , please let me know.
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    Does my Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish have Ich?

    Hi so I got home to feed my dwarf lionfish and noticed he had some white bumps all over his body (pictures attached). Is this ich and if it is how should I go about treating it. (He is in a QT tank)
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    Massachusetts Dwarf Zebra Lionfish - Free to good home

    I am upgrading my tank and have decided to house smaller fish that are not compatible with my dwarf lion. She is over 5 inches long and a little over 2 years old and eats frozen ghost shrimp. I will rehome her for free to you if you are an experienced hobbyist and have at least a 40 gallon...