1. 47aquatics

    Tank shots before I tear this system down (fully packed mixed reef)

    Will be upgrading to larger system in few weeks to keep farming these guys (and add more sticks/rare high end) to this mixed reef Some photos before I tear it all down (looking for Inspo for new build scape) Setting up a new IM that’s around 150 total water volume including sump and going to...
  2. 47aquatics

    Hello Been in the hobby for a while Now just wanted to say hello (many of you know me in person lol) since I have been buying for around 10 years now

    Inspired to re Join R2R after RAP (I had an account many years ago but forgot the user name) been in hobby on & off about 12 years Currently have a 2 year old mixed reef that I am converting to a small farming system (it is fully packed with high end frags everything from Speciosas , acros ...
  3. U

    Polyp Bailing out

    Hi, I've had this frogspawn corals for the past year it hasn't given me much issues besides for now. I first noticed to frogspawn showing some skeleton on the one head so I tested and everything was within reason beside nitrates we're elevated. I'm curious on what you think I should do next? The...
  4. nycfreshreef

    Black & white stomatella caught doing the deed

    Hope you guys can see the video , I have one of those all black stomatellas (they look almost jet black but with some minor variations on shells) & I also have the much more common white stomatella with black specks all over it (sort of like cookies & cream) Today I caught them breeding (puff...
  5. nycfreshreef

    Glitter Bomb Goniopora Bending hook shape Goni has anyone seen this before?

    This glitter bomb Goni was super happy for the first few months , then closed completely a few days ago and is slowly re-opening with bent , hook shape , polyps It is not fully opened (about 60-70%) I am just wondering if any of you guys have encountered this before and know what causes it ...
  6. nycfreshreef

    Help with Jawbreaker Shriveling up mushroom

    Hello , does anyone know why this JB is shriveling up like this ? Normally it’s usually sitting flat and measures about 2 inches across covering the whole plug. Approximately 48 hours ago it started shriveling up like this , all other mushrooms in the tank look fine. Parameters are all excellent...
  7. W

    Florida Live Goods Master Bowerbanki & others

    I ship via UPS Overnight. Shipping is $50 and free at $500. Local pickup in Tampa, FL. My DOA policy is replacement if the same coral is available or refund if it is not. I must receive pictures of the deceased coral in the sealed bag within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt. I am not...
  8. nycfreshreef

    New Jersey WTB Looking for amazeballs goni frag goniopora

    Hello everyone , I’m looking to buy a nice amazeballs goniopora frag , if anyone has one can you kindly post the details & photo Thanks a lot
  9. nycfreshreef

    New York Live Goods Mini Illuminati Zoa Colony for Sale ~20 polyps $600 Bright! red ring Zoanthid

    Hello Everyone I have a really nice Illuminati mini colony that has around 20 polyps with some babies around the bottom , it’s in excellent shape, super healthy and growing like a weed in my system , it’s also super bright , in person the rings look like a neon glowing pure red (not orange in...
  10. P

    Coral shrinking back inside

    Hi there A green hammer coral that I have had for a few months has over the past week stopped coming out. It has also lost quite a bit of colour (so is now predominantly white with green tips, whereas previously it was much more green all over). I haven't changed its position or flow, and I...
  11. nycfreshreef

    Small new mini hammer heads all over hammer stalk/skeleton & posting cool pics possibly

    Happy Friday , Happy Weekend Everyone Just wanted to post an interesting photo in one of my tanks Got this hammer several months ago as a smaller 2 head frag , it has since split once and then started growing little mini heads all over its stall , so far I can count 9 all around looks to be...
  12. Qwarex

    Sps losing colors a few weeks after adding

    Hello, so i got some acros, crazy t monti, forest fire monti, staghorn and a red digitata a month ago and they are still alive but lost so much of their color, i really dont understand why. I also have a red plating monti that slowy lost most of its color, a neon green montipora confusa that is...
  13. 105A0519-58B0-4D97-BAA9-09071D8DEE0B.jpeg


    Big butt Blasto
  14. F

    HELP: LPS infection killing coral

    Hey All, About 2-3 weeks ago I lost my Gold Hammer, Indonesian Pink tip Hulk torch and Speckled Purple Green hammer due to bailout. My parameters were all good, but the coral bailed overnight. They started out with really puffy polyps, then they shriveled up bailed out within 36 hours. I thought...
  15. Kota

    Coralife Seascape 18"-24"

    I currently am using the Coralife Seascape on my 20 Gallon High it currently only has fish and cuc after 9 months, my question is would this light provide enough PAR for some softies lps and anemones? If yes to any please give some suggestions if no please suggest lights that could take care of...
  16. Acro76

    Cherry Corals presents **CORAL MADNESS in March!** March 26 & 27th!

  17. R

    Hammers and frogspawn not fully opening.

    Hi all. My hammer and frogspawn are not fully opening after I fed them some polyp booster about 3 weeks ago. I was feeding the whole tank however a big chunk of it fell ok these two. Are they still ok ? They used to open up a lot more. PH: 8.3 DKH: 9.9 CAL:530 it’s a little high but all my...
  18. GoNextLevel

    Torch ID please

    I got this torch and was called a cotton candy torch but clearly it’s not and under my lighting it almost looks like a holy grail. Any ideas? It is the front green blue tip torch
  19. GoNextLevel

    Torches and their Prices

    Hello everyone I wanted to ask around to see what these torch corals would price at here are some pictures and a long video of them. dragon soul torch Indo gold torch Reef dreamz dragon tamer Todd’s torch I believe Indo holy grail Golden multi tip cotton candy Aussie black light Kristata if...
  20. rhpmiller

    Anyone know what this coral is?

    It came with my shipment of other corals, and was in the same bag as my purple/blue trumpet. However, it does not look like a trumpet. Any ideas?
  21. L

    What type of torch is this

    Just bought it and forgot to ask what torch it is, hoping y’all would have an idea.
  22. Acro76

    ** Cherry Corals Summer Spectacular Live Sale! ** Father's Day Weekend, June 18 & 19th!

  23. Acro76

    A few LPS shots from the Cherry Corals Farm

  24. D

    Gfo strips what out?

    About a month or two ago I got my first micro gonipora and it was doing great for the first 4 days til my alkalinity dropped too much due to me using gfo and not monitoring my alkalinity.. my goni is only extending some of its tentacles and only partially!! I believe the flow and the lighting is...
  25. S

    Is my gold torch splitting?

    Hey I have 2 aussie gold torches and for some reason one of them has shorter tentacles than the other. I don’t know why but is it splitting? I’ve had this gold torch for a month and it’s been doing really good. All my water prams are good and all my other corals are striving!!