macro pictures

  1. Neon Acropora Nana macro

    Neon Acropora Nana macro

    Acropora nana macro
  2. Bulk Reef Supply

    Filter or no filter? (I vote filter)

    I "borrowed" these filters from our product guy @[email protected] and I'm never giving them back (sorry Zack)! :p Checkout the difference between these shots of Chad's tank: Without: With: Also, I took these pics of Zack's tank using the macro filter...
  3. Orphek

    Beautiful UK tank and fantastic macro coral pictures

    Beautiful tank from UK under Orphek Atlantik units Today we are happy to share a 1000l (54L x 30D x 30H) 1000L reef tank from UK under the Orphek Atlantik V3 Plus Led Lighting. Bill Disley is a client from the UK and was gentle enough to send us detailed information about his passion for the...