macroalgae tank

  1. Danny's Aquariums

    Macro Algae Aquariums

    I love the look of macro algae aquariums. I absolutely fell in love with @tigahboy.h2o (on IG) setups. They look so good and really inspire me to start a macro algae tank setup. I’d love to see your macro algae tank setups for more inspiration!
  2. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    R2R Username: @Tigahboy Build Thread: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Tank(s) Introduction: Greetings from Seattle, Washington! I’m super honored and thrilled to be featured this month on Reef2Reef. Although I go by Tigahboy and tigahboy.h2o online and in social media, my real name is Dennis, and...
  3. JoannaCora

    AIO Build Mini Macro Display (Fluval Evo V)

    Here to show off! Set up this 5 gallon AIO on Tuesday, the star of the show is meant to be the macroalgae, however, it is seemingly pretty sparse. Just wait for it to fill in! There's a lot of halimeda opuntia that I trimmed down to nubs before deciding to use the left rock in this tank, so I'll...
  4. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
  5. sotsreef

    Nano Build Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all, If you don’t know me my name is John and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the...