1. Skunk Shrimp

    skimmer, refugium or both

    Hello everybody, I currently have a skimmer in the sump and just got a light to start a refuge. I have had people tell me a skimmer is not necessary and you only really need one if you do not do regular water changes. I am not a huge fan of the skimmers but have one because I thought it best...
  2. DSR USA

    The Dutch Synthetic Reefing method (DSR) has made its way to the USA!

    Hello Reefers! We are thrilled to announce the awaited arrival of the revolutionary Dutch Synthetic Reefing method (DSR) product line to the USA and on R2R as a new platinum sponsor! For the first time in the US, we bring you the all-in-one reef aquarium maintenance solution. Founded in 2012...