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    We have some EXCITING news to share...

    GOLDEN VALLEY, MN., Aquatic Sales Solutions, LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies has acquired California-based Marine Depot. The Marine Depot website will continue to operate fully, including taking customer orders, until July 30, 2021. At...
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    Species Spotlight: BLENNIES | With Hilary, Marine Biologist of

    Fish species play a vital roll in our enjoyment of the aquarium hobby as a whole. Get to know more about Blennies with Hilary from WaterLogged in our new video. You can also explore countless other aquarium fish by checking out some of the other videos in the Species Spotlight Playlist.
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    Cycle Your Saltwater Aquarium FAST (or Slow) | Week 17 of The Beginners Series with MyFirstFishTank

    Join Matthew from My First Fish Tank to discuss the process of cycling your saltwater aquarium. At Marine Depot we have all the tools you need to get your aquarium cycled and ready for a wide variety of livestock. Check out our YouTube Channel and please like, comment, and subscribe to learn...
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    The Puratek Deluxe RO/DI Filter For Your Reef Tank | More Features For Less $$$

    If you're tired of constantly lugging water from your local fish store, check out our newest video that discusses the Puratek Deluxe RO/DI Filter and all of its premium features. You can shop this RO/DI unit and plenty of other options on our website. Our Customer Care Team will also be...
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    How To Test Phosphates In Your Reef Tank with the Hanna Checker | A simple, step-by-step tutorial

    At Marine Depot, we love to test our systems with Hanna Instruments Checkers. Within this video we provide a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to use the Hanna Phosphate Checker. Shop our Hanna Instruments offerings HERE and don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team with any...
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    5 TIPS For Feeding Picky Fish In Your Tank | A How-To with Hilary: Marine Biologist of WaterLogged

    We all have had those fish who are difficult to please and feed! Join Hilary from WaterLogged in our newest video to learn some tips and techniques on how to get those picky eaters fat and healthy. Get the rundown on feeding picky fish from a seasoned Marine Biologist and head to Marine Depot to...
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    From 2-Part Dosing to a Calcium Reactor on 187-Gallon Reef Tank | 1-month update from ReefBum

    Are you considering the addition of a Calcium Reactor? Checkout this video from our friend Keith at ReefBum and learn about his transition from a two-part system to a calcium reactor. You can also feel free to shop our Calcium Reactors at Marine Depot.
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    Keith from the 3 Glass Walls series shares with us his dinoflagellates outbreak along with his plan of attack for their removal. Join in and learn about how you can kick those pesky Dino's. Shop the Marine Depot website to get the resources you need to eradicate Dinoflagellates.
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    Invest In a High Quality Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED Light and Save!

    Save $100 on the Philips Coral Care LED Light Fixtures and bring your coral growth and color to new heights. Not only will you get great coverage and color out of these fixtures but, you can also control the lights spectrum to make it perfect for your reef. If you have any questions about reef...
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    Dose Your Aquarium and Save 20% On Kamoer!

    Now for a limited time take 20% off Kamoer's WIFI and Bluetooth controllable dosing pumps and take your dosing game to the next level with Marine Depot!
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    On The Hunt For A New Algae Scrubber?

    Now for a limited time, save 20% on IceCap's Algae Scrubber line. We have two different sizes available depending on the requirements of your system and, they are a great way to export excess nutrients from your tank. Explore your options and shop now at Marine Depot!
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    Feeding Your Fish While on Vacation | Preparation and Auto-Feeders with Hilary from WaterLogged

    Are you planning a summer vacation? Do you have to head out of town for work? Explore our new YouTube video from Hilary and to get the insider scoop on how best to prepare your system before leaving home. Then, head to our site to shop our Memorial Day Sale!
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    Explore the Brand New Hanna Instruments High Range Nitrate Checker and Pre-Order One Today!

    The long awaited High Range Nitrate Checker from Hanna Instruments is here and available for pre-order. With a measurable range of 0- 75.0 ppm it has never been easier to get an accurate digital read out for the Nitrate levels in your aquarium. If you have any questions about this new checker or...
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    Don't Buy Reef Sand Before Watching This!!

    Join Matthew of My First Fish Tank to cover everything that you need to know about Reef Sand. Feel free to explore more of The Ultimate Beginner Series along with hundreds of other videos on our Marine Depot YouTube Channel.
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    Explore Our Blog to Grow Your Aquarium Knowledge!!!

    We encourage all of our loyal customers to explore our Marine Depot Blog. We have talented writers who are showcasing helpful guides, the hottest trends, and expert tips and techniques to make your aquarium keeping experience more enjoyable. Our blog database is home to a wealth of knowledge...
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    Species Spotlight: ANTHIAS | With Hilary, Marine Biologist of WaterLogged

    Hey reefers! Check out our newest YouTube Video with Hilary of WaterLogged to discus one of the most beautiful aquarium species, Anthias. While you're there, don't forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe for new and exciting aquarium content.
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    Aquaforest is 10% Off!

    For a limited time, take advantage of great savings on Aquaforest test kits, supplements, coral food, and more. Shop Now!!!
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    In Search of a Media Reactor? Shop Our NYOS Sale!

    For a limited time, buy a NYOS TORQ Reactor Pump and get the .75 body for free or the 1 body at 50% off. Shop Now!
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    TOP 6 TIPS For Aggressive FISH In Your Reef Tank | How to Assemble a Tranquil Saltwater Aquarium

    Are you looking for the best way to curb aggression in your Reef Tank? Marine Depot's very own Manny is here to share some tips! Check out this video and the rest of our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the newest tips, tricks, and trends in the aquarium keeping hobby. Be sure to subscribe...
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    The Aquarium Chiller Recommendations You Have Been Searching For!

    Summer is just around the corner and its time to prepare for the heat! If you are on the hunt for an aquarium chiller then come checkout this weeks blog: Beat The Heat: Reef Edition Our free blog is also full of other great content to help hobbyists grow their aquarium knowledge. Please feel...
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    April Showers Bring May Flowers! Shop Our Spring Sale!

    Save up to 25% on select items by shopping our spring sale while supplies last! Are you in search of a suggestion or recommendation? Reach out to our Customer Care Team.
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    Coming In Hot! Shop Our Sizzling Savings on JBJ Chillers!

    The weather is coming in hot and so is the savings on JBJ Chillers! Save 15% off JBJ Aquarium Series Chillers! Shop now!
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    BLOOMING DEALS! Neptune, EcoTech, AquaMaxx, Maxspect + more!

    Save on 1,000's of items site wide: Neptune Apex, AquaMaxx skimmers, EcoTech XR30 Radions, Maxspect Gyres, Trigger sumps + LOTS, LOTS, MORE! SHOP & SAVE NOW>>>
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    [EARLY ACCESS] 11% off sitewide!

    Happy Veterans Day! SHOP NOW!
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    HYDROS Control is HERE!

    HYDROS by CoralVue is HERE! Know what’s happening in your tank and CONTROL it! Control 2: $199.99- is a small, general-purpose device capable of performing all the main functions for your aquarium. It’s perfect as a stand-alone controller for basic saltwater or freshwater tank. You can also...