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Jul 7, 2011
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Garden Grove, CA
GOLDEN VALLEY, MN., Aquatic Sales Solutions, LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies has acquired California-based Marine Depot.

The Marine Depot website will continue to operate fully, including taking customer orders, until July 30, 2021. At which time, the site will be folded into BRS with all website traffic being redirected to BRS (bulkreefsupply.com).

BRS is committed to ensuring Marine Depot customers are well supported during this transition. BRS will do so through the following initiatives:

  • Honoring all Marine Depot gift cards at Bulk Reef Supply
  • Transferring of loyalty reward points to a BRS account
  • Honoring the Marine Depot return policy for orders placed prior to June 23, 2021 (all sales on or after June 23, 2021, at Marinedepot.com are final)
  • Assisting with warranty support for qualifying orders.
  • Maintaining the Marine Depot long-standing blog & YouTube channel, popular among aquarists worldwide.
  • Keeping a strict focus on providing quality saltwater aquarium equipment.
  • Continuing to stock & support popular brands like AquaMaxx.

Check out the Official Press Release for more information.

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