1. Bulk Reef Supply 7 STAGE PRO PLUS 200 GPD RODI with 1/4" 8800 BOOSTER PUMP KIT

    For sale Bulk Reef Supply 7 STAGE PRO PLUS 200 GPD RODI with 1/4" 8800 BOOSTER PUMP KIT

    One of the best RODI units on the market today. 200 gpd with multiple TDS monitors and a booster pump. Purchased from BRS less than a year ago for over $575. Membranes have plenty of life left in them. TDS reads 0. Only reason for sale is I'm downsizing. System is working as it did day 1...
  2. J

    Texas Dry Good Trade Equipment sale!

    Hello all! I have a lot of equipment and other goods I'd like to get rid of at discounted prices. All items are new. I do not have a use for them any longer. Kamoer X1 PRO 2 - $75 Ai Nero 5 - $190 Sicće XStream 5000 1320gph - $65 Aquatop 200w titanium heater w/ controller and temp. Probe - $65...
  3. Macntos Reefs

    need help asap: rodi 6-stage system without pressure to dual membrane/ booster pump

    hi all, i think this is my first post? i need help asap on a quandry i have in regards to my brs 6-stage (200 gpd unit) which has a booster pump in line. i am new to rodi units. and we chose to connect ours via hose bib connection. the water pressure from this hose bib is approx 45. the first...
  4. ChandlerTingle

    BRS RODI Sysetem Resin won’t fill up

    Is it normal for the water to not go up all the way on the Resin cartridge? Mine seems to do that and anyway how to fix it?
  5. N

    SOLD Zen Reef, BRS, Vertex, IceCap, Red Sea & Tunze FS

    Hi R2R, I have some more items for sale. Price includes shipping, Paypal. Zen Reef Single Magnetic Heater Mount $40 Shipped Bulk Reef Supply - BRS 1.1mL Doser (New - mounted unused with new additional tube) $50 Shipped Vertex Libra Vessel 2.5T (New - rinsed with RO/DI) $45 Shipped Icecap -...
  6. Erick Armanii

    BRS promo coupon

    I got a few of these so let me know if you guys win something good!!! promo codes: DMDNCXF DMDKLNQ DMDNVEJ
  7. E

    BRS UNIVERSAL co2 scrubber help

    I just received the brs universal co2 scrubber and it has no instructions, it look like it can with three sponges but I don’t know what the third sponge is for I also do know wether to hook the skimmer line to the IN or to the OUT I assume I hook the skimmer up To the OUT, I set it up without...
  8. AlgaeBarn


    2 weeks left to enter in the Christmas in July giveaway! Click on the link below to register and earn entries today! So many awesome extras included like a Kessil AP9X, Tunze skimmer, Bulk Reef Supply Gift Card, Fritz salt and...
  9. ngservet5

    BRS 6 Stage RO/DI Unit with stand and unopened media

    BRS 6 Stage RO/DI Unit with stand and unopened media Excellent for making up to 75 gallons per day of RO/DI water for reef aquariums. Unit hardly used and comes with custom stand. Included are 2 unopened BRS Mixed Bed DI Resin, 2 unopened Carbon Block Filters for Chlorine, a 1 partially open...
  10. R

    Your Wisdom - How to Optimize This RODI Setup?!

    Hi there I just installed a Spectrapure RODI unit (90 gallons + the 90 gallon piggyback setup) Components are installed in this order: Filter cartridge --> carbon --> Aquatec 8800 booster pump --> Aquatec pressure sensor --> RO Flood Guard solenoid --> Membrane 1 --> Membrane 2 --> DI resin...
  11. MarineDepot

    We have some EXCITING news to share...

    GOLDEN VALLEY, MN., Aquatic Sales Solutions, LLC (dba Bulk Reef Supply) or “BRS”, the eCommerce leader in saltwater aquarium supplies has acquired California-based Marine Depot. The Marine Depot website will continue to operate fully, including taking customer orders, until July 30, 2021. At...
  12. FangsAndGames

    BRS YouTube going down hill?

    Hey y’all, what do y’all think of BRS sudden switch to a more corporate and ad like channel. I’m kinda disappointed in this as I really enjoyed their longer more informative videos. I remember Ryan talking about how I they don’t want to sell you products that they don’t believe in. Now it feels...
  13. NewFish

    Kessil A500X, thoughts? Nearly $800 and no built in WiFi. Can someone help me please justify that?
  14. NewFish

    Clear-For-Life I am working on a Ultra Low Maintenance Reef tank project. It's going to be built with 'the works' (Apex, Trident, DOS, Tinze ATO, auto-water-change, Ecotech MP40QD, MarinePure...
  15. R

    BRS 4 Stage RO DI

    Alright so I need some help here. It's been about a month since I changed all my filters on my BRS 4 stage RO DI unit. As you can see my DI is half way used up but I've only made about 26 gallons. I've flushed the membrane (I changed it) 3 times by now , about 50 gallons flushed with the DI...
  16. B

    Oklahoma Aquarium Controller Kessil Controller, BRS dosers, and more

    I've got an extra Kessil controller I'm no longer using, asking $65. 2 X BRS 1:1 dosers asking $50 each shipped, and a Reef Octopus BH50 skimmer asking $50 shipped.
  17. JackerVenom

    SPS flow with MP10 in 10 gallon?

    Quick question for those sps knowledge people. I'm new to SPS and have an mp10 in a 10 gallon to provide flow but it's on blasting from the one side. So their lots of direct flow but it's constant. Is this okay? which SPS would be okay with this flow? Is there a setting a should have instead of...
  18. R

    BRS 4 stage issue

    So my BRS RODI system wasn't producing any water. Thought it was the filters that needed to be changed. Well I got to changing them today and still no luck. First compartment is full. Second is almost full but the top has some air. The last one, it got some water through the resin and then...
  19. Tristan

    Help: RO System Leaking Wastewater

    I have a 4 stage BRS water saver system that’s around 5-6 years old now. I have it hooked up directly to a water supply with a ball valve on the product line so I can turn it on when I need it. For the wastewater, the line goes outside to a bucket, and just a couple days ago I noticed that the...
  20. Proctor614

    Salt Suppliments Coral Foods Fish Foods Miscellaneous Free last minute BRS $10 Codes

    Got 2 $10 codes we aren’t going to use. Happy New Year. Obviously once it’s used it’s dead so please post that you used it so others know.
  21. Sleeping Giant

    BRS shout out to R2R community

    Watched the live stream yesterday, @Bulk Reef Supply did a great shout out to @revhtree and the R2R community. The video is great, and has amazing insight as always.
  22. illinoisreefer

    BRS Shopping Cart Giveaway

    Just wanted to share that BRS crew is giving away $500 shopping carts to preferred members! 1) Go to the BRS website 2) sign-up for a preferred membership (it’s free) 3) must pick atleast 1 brightwell product and place it in your shopping cart 4) fill the rest of your cart up with other...
  23. Sleeping Giant

    First BRS order

    Just did my first @Bulk Reef Supply order last night, I can't wait to get it. I would have ordered more, but my shipping costs were to high, cause I live in Canada.
  24. C

    Illinois Aquariums Lighting Testing LED Selling Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter

    I am working my way out of the hobby and am selling my par meter. I have used this only a few times. I bought this from Bulk Reef Supply and the current price from BRS is $538.00. I am selling mine for $425.00 with shipping included. I am including a printed manual for it. My paypal is...
  25. gfordQC

    Kentucky Ohio FOR SALE!! MP40, Reeflink, BRS, 90G SCA Tank/Stand

    Breaking down my tank. I have the following Items for sale. Everything works great I haven't had any issues with anything. Prices include shipping other than the Tank/Stand which is Pickup only. I'm located east of Cincinnati about 45 min. 1 - Ecotech MP40QD - I have the original box. It...
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