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  1. gfordQC

    Kentucky Ohio FOR SALE!! MP40, Reeflink, BRS, 90G SCA Tank/Stand

    Breaking down my tank. I have the following Items for sale. Everything works great I haven't had any issues with anything. Prices include shipping other than the Tank/Stand which is Pickup only. I'm located east of Cincinnati about 45 min. 1 - Ecotech MP40QD - I have the original box. It...
  2. H

    Which Doser has the right head pressure?

    Hello Everyone I am new to this forum and converting from Freshwater to Reef aquarium. I'm excited in my new journey but do understand that I have to make a solid decision on the way I approach the setup of this tank. So I have hard decisions in a short time. So i'm trying to help create a...
  3. Jax15

    Comparing strength of 2-part brands

    My question is about the relative strength/concentration of different 2-part brands. I've been using the BRS pharma pouches for years, and they work well. However I also use the RedSea Coral Colors trace elements, and they suggest dosing based on the uptake of calcium... RedSea calcium! So to...
  4. Reefacist

    Next sale date pleaseeeee

    Hi guys, Just finished binge watching the 52 week series and it’s follow ups and Ryan’s 5 minute series. Anyways I have a cart of about 3k worth of goodies and I really want at least to get a 10% off. I don’t mind waiting since I went from trying to stay low budget to an all out tank. Thank you...
  5. Sleeping Giant

    Contests not for any Canadians

    What gives with all the contests available to the continental US, and none for your Canadian cousins? It's really not hard to send stuff across the border, there's no wall..lol just goes in a truck or plane and crosses the border in the same amount of time to send stuff from 1 state to another.
  6. lennywee

    Build Thread New red sea reefer 350 Build

    Reefing Newbie here! Watched countless hours of BRStv before deciding to take the plunge. Finally after having the tank built and sitting dry for 3 months (went out of town to quarantine with family), I've put water in the tank and started a fishless cycle using Dr Tim's one and only...
  7. Sintralcoast

    Build Thread MavericksReef RedSea250

    New to this hobby but did my research and trying to learn from everyone’s mistakes and should ofs...with that being said I I pre thought out equipment that I was going to get and will eventually get. I pre measured all there controllers with the mind set of getting them. That’ll probably change...
  8. Tristan

    Chaeto vs. Caulerpa. Which is more effective?

    So I’m sure a bunch of you have seen @Bulk Reef Supply ’s videos on chaeto in a refugium and their graphs of nitrate and phosphate over time. Does anyone have anything similar for caulerpa? Or, anecdotal evidence for caulerpa to compare against chaeto in terms of phosphate and nitrate réduction...
  9. Hendrix

    Monster Build AS-Reef 500G Display in 750G System

    Upgraded Restart Day 12 Just restarting & upgrading after 24 month exit. Going LED & Halide. Will try to share video, this is new to me. Would appreciate thoughts, feedback etc. The 775 System Consists of: - 500 Gallon Display - Bare Bottom Starfire Glass 96”x40”x30” Euro-Braced The...
  10. Chipper1978

    Carbon/GFO Reactor Install Question??

    So I bought the BRS Carbon/GFO Reactor Deluxe with the recommended Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump. Anyone have any idea how to get the 1/2 inch tubing with Mur-Lok fitting to go on the pump as seen in the photos below? I’m at a loss. Figured they would’ve sent me everything needed to install...
  11. Ej Chavex


    BRS Deluxe Reactor with maxi jet 1200 comes with hard shell inner case. Asking 50.00 shipped
  12. L

    Build Thread Levi's Redsea Reefer

    Just a few pics of my reef
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    BRS and TSA; Two Names You Can Trust! ***Exclusive Frag Packs***

    We've teamed up with @Bulk Reef Supply to bring YOU some killer frag packs! These BRS EXCLUSIVE packs will have lots of the TSA Signatures you know and love for a fraction of the price! Packs will be available starting 02/07/20 with a new set introduced weekly! There's only a few available of...
  14. dustinc

    Build Thread It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) LET 2 Bulb T5 retrofit units (4 ATI Blue+ bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller...
  15. CivicS14

    Georgia DIY Tubing for BRS 1.1ml Dosing Pumps: 5' for $10 shipped

    Instead of paying $13 for each tube from BRS, I went with DIY described here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/brs-1-1-ml-diy-tubing-replacement.296623/ I bought a 50' roll and would never go through this much tubing alone, so I figure offer some up to others that don't want to buy this much...
  16. Joshua Mummery

    Not a happy trident customer

    Finally got the call from BRS that my name is up on the list.... Of course, i still want the triedent.. Wait for it to deliver and like a kid on Christmas i get right into. Get it all set up and keep getting no water sample error..try priming and nothing and not to mention the sample water hose...
  17. gacolt

    Georgia BRS 6 stage RO/DI

    BRS 4 stage upgraded to 6 stage ro/di.triple tds meter,flush valve,preasure gauge. needs new filters. 130.00 cash local pick up cumming,ga/forsyth county 30040
  18. Wen

    increase potency to decrease volume of 2 parts

    Sorry about silly question here: When I mix up BRS 2 part solutions, can I double the amount of product while keeping the rodi liquid amount the same? My goal is to double the potency so I can decrease by 1/2 the volume dosed per day. (Example: DOS doses 200mL calcium and 150mL buffer daily...
  19. Rossmont

    Craziest sale week for Rossmont hosted by Bulk Reef Supply

    Hey reefers! Prepare for the craziest discount week ever on Rossmont just at Bulkreefsupply.com - Saltwater Aquarium Supplies!! Starts in a few hours!!! Take the chance!!
  20. Boltline

    California Fire Sale Part II- Equipment- LOTS OF STUFF(Costa Mesa)

    Not gonna lie, I'm a little depressed posting all this right now. Here's the rest of my equipment. Please text me if you are interested 909-772-5802. Will ship as long as you pay for shipping and packaging. 50g SCA Tank & Stand w/ lights, sump, plumbing $300 Apex Classic Gold w/ PM2 $300...
  21. thenissantech

    Tennessee Reef Octopus, Kessil, Aquatic Life, Tunze, BRS, Ecotech garage sale!!!!!!

    Hello and thanks for checking out my online sale! I have so much equipment that I have to part with some of it. Everything is listed in as is condition. Prices include both shipping and PayPal fees. thank you and let me know if you have any questions! 1. Ecotech MP10 WES. the first one is...
  22. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB Media Reactor (Prefer BRS But Open)

    I'm looking for a media reactor so I can run carbon on my 40 Breeder Build. I would prefer the single BRS reactors, even the mini, but I am open to whatever for the right price. Shouldnt need to run large amounts so a dual canister is probably overkill. I don't NEED a pump with it but again, for...
  23. Curryb15

    BRS doser issue

    Hello all, I installed a BRS 1.1 ML doser on my tank about 2 months ago. It was working great until is lost it's prime. No I cannot get liquid to pull up through the dosing tubes. I've gone back to manually dosing until I get this problem fixed. The rigid tube is installed from the dosing...
  24. ReefInskeep

    Test the AI Hydra 52 HD?!

    As mentioned in another thread, I’d really like BRS to do their standard evaluation & dive into the AI Hydra 52 HD. It’s their flagship model, doesn’t spread light the same way as the 26 HD, and is worth reviewing (with PAR mapping) as they’ve been around a relatively long time, you sell them...
  25. sikorskys

    ChemiPure (and GAC in general) lifespan?

    Before you ask, I've watched all BRS videos ever made, so no "yellow water method" please. I don't think "yellow water" is a proper way to measure GAC efficiency. That said, BRS states that GAC usually works for a week max, becoming highly porous bacteria substrate after that. That makes sense...