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  1. Chefman76

    Waterbox Frag 105 SPS dominant build thread!

    The Mrs and I decided to start a new SPS tank during this pandemic! We went with a waterbox this time around, I'm sure we’ll be upgrading in the near future. The money we saved on the tank vs some others we have put into the components. today was the first day of setup, hung the T5‘s, did the...
  2. AquaART


    Hello R2R! This has not been an easy decision to come to this point, particularly just as my tank has matured, stabilized, and I really began to enjoy it; however, have realized that the next few years are looking to be kind of wild so I have taken the decision to setp out of the hobby until I...
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    VarioS Earns "MOST RELIABLE" Pump of 2019 Honors

    VarioS Earns "MOST RELIABLE" Pump of 2019 Honors Reef Octopus Earns a Spot in the BRS "Best of 2019" Series! PLUS: VarioS-2 Pumps are 10% off and VarioS-4, VarioS-6, and VarioS-8 pumps are 15% off through 12/2!
  4. CoachSid


  5. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB Media Reactor (Prefer BRS But Open)

    I'm looking for a media reactor so I can run carbon on my 40 Breeder Build. I would prefer the single BRS reactors, even the mini, but I am open to whatever for the right price. Shouldnt need to run large amounts so a dual canister is probably overkill. I don't NEED a pump with it but again, for...
  6. ReefInskeep

    Test the AI Hydra 52 HD?!

    As mentioned in another thread, I’d really like BRS to do their standard evaluation & dive into the AI Hydra 52 HD. It’s their flagship model, doesn’t spread light the same way as the 26 HD, and is worth reviewing (with PAR mapping) as they’ve been around a relatively long time, you sell them...
  7. nthanhalan

    Texas BRS - 2 PART DOSER - 1.1 ML PER MINUTE

    I have 2 dosing pump. Hardly use, dosing got too complicated. Selling each for $50, or 2 for $90. Shipping is not included.
  8. CamInDFW

    Shout out to BRS

    I just received an email letting me know that something that I ordered was actually not in stock.. as compensation; they gave me $20.00 in BRS points.. This is above and beyond.. It was only a $30.00 order.. This is why we must continue to support these companies (in addition to all they do for...
  9. Reef Breeders

    ReefBreeders.com Black Friday Sale! Details Inside

    Hey Everyone, As always we're bringing some awesome deals to the table for Black Friday. All of our pumps and accessories have been discounted across the board an average of 20%, no coupon code required! Click HERE to Order Now! In addition to our insanely good prices, you can apply one of...

    Disappointed in Bulk Reef Supply

    I must start by saying I have had great experiences with BRS in the past. BRS also gives back to the community through education. I have learned so much from their videos and probably owe alot of the successes ive had with my tank to what I have learned from their videos. That being said the...
  11. bdare

    Planning a Waterbox...

    Four years ago I sold my 120. I miss having a tank and I'm planning a new tank. I was considering a Red Sea Reefer, but I think I've decided on the Waterbox instead. I chose Waterbox for 2 reasons. 1) I don't like the float switch ATO on the Red Sea. I don't trust float fucntionality. I...
  12. Tomcorals

    80 gallon deep blue frag tank

  13. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    The RFG is now in stock at Bulk Reef Supply!

    The Random Flow Generator is now (back) in stock at @Bulk Reef Supply ! Bulk Reef supply started offering the RFG nozzle a few weeks ago but quickly sold out (twice) - so we decide to hold off on the announcement here on R2R until they had enough in stock to last the week :) If you have not...
  14. Bulk Reef Supply

    President's day PRIVATE PREVIEW savings >>

    What's more patriotic than 10% off gear for your tank? Probably a lot of things, but that's beside the point... Let's get to the details; scroll to the bottom to check out the brands who are joining us in the savings! STARTING TODAY, 2/18, Preferred Reefers get exclusive access to our 10% off...
  15. Bulk Reef Supply


    Our annual BRS brandwide sale has begun! Here's your chance to pick up and stock up on BRS products at 10% off (plus 5% back if you're a Preferred Reefer)! SHOP ALL
  16. lilbitreefer

    Another Apex chart and starting two part with BRS

    I've been playing with the charts on Apex and found a good way to start two part dosing and and a chart to show it. So I bought some stony corals. Mainly a few LPS. I started checking Alk and Ca at night I then dosed it according to BRS calculator. I went off of what the Alk recomedation for...
  17. frcarvajal

    Alkalinity & Calcium dosing and consumption

    When you start to think that you are doing the things right in this hobby, there's always a new thing that tells you that you're wrong. That's my case with KH and CA dosing. I have been dosing BRS two-part to my reef tank for about 5-6 months. Was a little hard to find the point and maintain my...
  18. Reef Box

    If you don't shop BRS, START NOW!!!!

    I know this is not new information to most people on Reef2Reef or in the reef hobby in general but for anyone else wondering, Bulk Reef Supply is AMAZING!!! If you're not already a BRS Fan you will be after your first order! I mean seriously they pretty much have EVERYTHING you could ever want...
  19. TheLadyCrash

    RO/DI Unit Losing Pressure

    I have a 6 Stage RO/DI unit from BRS that I've been using for around 4 months or so. Normally my pressure when using it is around 80 PSI. The last time I went to use it, I noticed that the pressure would drop from around 80 PSI to 30 PSI after I finished flushing the system and flipped the...
  20. Angelo Fatica

    Bulk Reef Supply's Shipping...

    Hey guys, just curious if BRS requires a signature when they ship their packages. I ordered a kessil light and may not be home in time to sign for it. Was just wondering if any of you guys know from ordering in the past. Thanks!
  21. Bulk Reef Supply

    February Group Buy Sign-up: NOW OPEN!

    What? - Free upgraded 1-3 day shipping over $149 in the contiguous US - 10x reward points (10% back) on nearly every product - A monthly doorbuster just for Group Buy members (see below) - Account upgrade to Preferred Reefer post Group Buy When? - Deadline to enter is 11:59PM on Thursday 2/9...
  22. Testing the Philips Coral Care LED's claims - Are they realistic?

    Testing the Philips Coral Care LED's claims - Are they realistic?

    Today on BRStv, we have a brand new episode for our series, BRStv Investigates. In this series we explore popular reefing theories, products, methods, and what the manuals are missing, with a focus on putting them to the test! This week we are taking a look at the exciting new LED light from...
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