marine velvet

  1. T

    Former Marine Velvet: When Should I Add Fish?

    Hi everyone. In December of 2020 I believe I acquired marine velvet. I tried freshwater dipping the fish, quarantining them, but by the time we decided it was marine velvet it was too late for the fish. I was told that my 2 options were to either throw everything out of the tank and replace...
  2. A

    EMERGENCY Clownfish Disease Help

    I've just noticed these white specs on my Clown (pictured below). She is acting perfectly normal from what I can tell--eating normally and swimming around fine. From some precursory research I think that this may be either Marine ICH, Brooklynella, or Velvet. Any help diagnosing as well as...
  3. Davar93

    Treating with copper & quarantine

    Hey guys just to make sure I am doing this right and got my mass right as I do not want to kill any fish. I am using this for a quarantine tank that I have set up for some new fish that I got who look good but Wanna qt still. I am looking to treat 7 gallons and want to read 2ppm? So 70 drops...
  4. jackalexander

    Fallow Because Marine Velvet

    Marine velvet took out 5 of my clowns and a powder brown which was very very upsetting.. I have a pair of diamond gobies that haven’t shown any signs of any disease but I was told that they are asymptotic and I should go fallow for 6 weeks and QT the gobies. My question is; do I need to medicate...
  5. D

    EMERGENCY Marine Velvet Fallow period

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have velvet wipe your whole tank, can you just cycle out your tank with freshwater for a couple days to kill any parasites in the sand? I’ve seen a lot of post recommending to soak your rocks and other tank objects in freshwater for 48hrs so why not do the...
  6. C

    Velvet qt tank

    Hello, So This is a little big of a long story. I have a quarantine tank up because I have velvet in my display tank. It has been a little over 6 weeks. I have extended by 2 weeks since i have made the mistake of putting my hand from qt to the other to my dt. My hand may have been dry but I was...
  7. jackalexander

    Velvet Removal

    I’ve had marine velvet in my tank for the last two weeks now and it has killed all of my fish so far. Does anyone know how to remove it from the tank and how long that will take?
  8. jackalexander

    EMERGENCY Weird Clownfish Death

    So my girlfriend has had 4 clownfish now who have all died mysteriously. The tests are completely fine and everything is where it should be. Salinity is 1.025/35ppt. Is this marine velvet or ick? All of her fish have died within 24 hours of showing signs of sickness and have all died looking the...
  9. T

    Treated marine velvet, when can I add to display tank

    Hello. Thanks in advance for the responses. I have a QT that has a juvenile clown trigger, orchid dotty and splendid dotty. The two dotty's were in QT for 2 weeks in early July. I added a clown trigger, and 1 week later, all of the fish showed signs of marine velvet. The clown trigger...
  10. ItsNiQi

    Is it Brook, Velvet or Ich?

    I first noticed about two weeks ago that my young Photon Clownfish showed a slight difference in appearance. Since his eating habits haven’t changed and his overall demeanor was the same I said I would just look over him for the next week or so. Today I looked at him and it seems to have gotten...
  11. ReeferMadne55

    Ich or Velvet or neither?

    Last night I noticed these little white spots on my coral beauty. I’m assuming it’s ich (great) but I could be wrong. No idea where it came from as all fish have been happy and healthy. All my other fish are fine.
  12. A

    Marine velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatumc- dinoflagellate)

    Hi Through little bit of research I have came to know that Marine velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum is a dinoflagellate), and one of the treatment is also prescribed as Aspartic Acid. As your product contains Aspartic Acid for the treatment for Dinoflagellates. Will it be effective on Amyloodinium...
  13. Underwater Passion

    EMERGENCY Spots on hippo tang after 4 weeks of treatment

    Hey everyone, So I am a little frustrated because I can’t figure out what’s on my hippo tang. A little over 4 weeks ago I placed all fish in a hospital tank and treated for what I suspected to be velvet. After 4 weeks of cupramine treatment maintained between 0.45 and 0.55 I am still seeing...
  14. Micaeltercer

    Clownfish fin rot ID possibly velvet?

    Hello guys, I have a clownfish and diamond goby in a 20g QT tank. 2 days since purchased. They’ve been getting light feeding and seem okay. The goby is shy and stays hidden behind PVC. The clown has some tissue degradation. Looks like skin peeling, on his tail, and fins. I’ve started dosing...
  15. 2

    Copper Resistant Velvet??

    Hello Everyone! I wish I had a more exciting discussion topic for my first post on R2R but we deal with the hand we are dealt. I recently decided to get back into the hobby after being out of it for almost 10 years (tragic story there). Either way, I decided I wanted to do it 100% the right way...
  16. Marine_Addict

    [help] Please identify this pest of fish

    First of all, greetings to everyone jumped into this thread, this is my first thread in R2R though i've never expected my first post would be a pest-id topic... I got a tank of Chaetodontoplus, four of them (singapore angel, scribbled angel, blue line and a conspicuous ) in a 4inch tank About...
  17. Gcowles

    Dark patch/skin issue on yellow tang

    I recently purchased a yellow tang, and QT in copper for 1 month before adding him to my display. He was out and eating well for about a week. On Monday however, he was hiding in the rocks all day. The past few days he has been hiding the entire time, but will come out to eat brine shrimp. There...
  18. KevinC

    All hail marine ich/velvet

    To celebrate the 2nd time whole tank fish died to velvet/ich, 2nd time after half year with no fish :)
  19. J.selfmade

    Eye-stripe Tang sick

    Is anyone familiar with this disease (watch video)? I fed a lot less over the last two weeks n now this.
  20. K

    Clamped fins or Velvet ?

    One of my male fantail goldfish has fins that seem to be clamped this has only occurred in the last 24hrs I’m concerned because of my fish has velvet it is highly contagious what could be wrong!! Atm to take precautions I am treating for velvet should I be ?
  21. huangcrab

    Dosing H2O2 to help fighting velvet in DT

    Display tank: 150G custom tank + 50G sump. started from August 2019. Some of the rock was from the old 15G nano started from July 2018. QT tank: 20G long, established after the velvet outbreak for holding fish purchased from the boxing day sale... However more like an observation tank. Some...
  22. ScubaZ

    Ich or marine velvet? Purple tang

    My new purple tang seemed to be looking healthy for the first few days and is now starting to worry me. White spots/dots are all over his body and fins. Is this ich or marine velvet? Or somthing else? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  23. Dylan7huskies

    Need help / opinions on marine velvet issue!

    So I noticed 2 dead fish in my 20gal nano on Friday. Have 2 clownfish and a blue chromis still alive in my tank, I noticed marine velvet covering the two clowns. I went out and bought “Kick Ich & Rally.” I posted this on this forum and people said I need to quarantine. Today I put all 3 in a 5...
  24. M

    Hello 20 gal Reef Tank

    Hello all, I am new to Marine Tank and Saltwater aquariums and looking forward to share stories and learn about different techniques and tips for my 20 gal reef tank. I'm currently having a huge problem with the Tank. All my fish (2 Clowns, 2 blue Damsels and 1 Yellow Watchman Goby) died...
  25. B

    Urgent: Brook or Velvet?

    Started seeing small white dots on a few of my fish mainly Harliquin Tusk and Emporer Angel and Porcupine Puffer. puffers eyes clouded over and he had stringy slime hanging off him with the dots. Figuring it was velvet because the spots were so many I started a 29g quarantine and started...
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