1. Luke iskra

    marine pure block advice / filter info

    hey guys, need some advice currently in my chambers in the biocube i have some matrix pellets and a polish cloth keeping it simple for now, heard from some reefers that they add some marine pure block into the media rock or into the flow areas like replacing the sponge with a marine pure block...

    Marine Pure Algae?

    Does everyone let algae grown on the marine pure plates or do you scrape/sponge it off? I am assuming to keep the 'pores' open I need to get it off...
  3. MarineDepot

    Holiday Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers | JBJ Tank Giveaway!

    Holiday Gift Guide | Stocking Stuffers | JBJ Tank Giveaway! The Second Day of Fishmas
  4. MarineDepot

    New BF Doorbusters Added + Bula Buddies Giveaway!

    New BF Doorbusters Added + Bula Buddies Giveaway! Just Added: Neptune Systems, Red Sea, MarinePure, and MORE Brightwell Doorbusters
  5. SilverCityReef

    MarinePure Blocks...?

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but do the MarinePure blocks take the place of live rock in the filtration cycle? If so, should I add a 8x8x4 block to sump and buy a few less pounds of dry rock? My tank is a 40B with 20T sump and I had planned on using 40lbs of dry rock, 20lbs of live...
  6. AquariumSpecialty

    New Products at Aquarium Specialty

    Hey everyone. Our 1st RAP NY was a big success and it was great seeing everyone at the show. Matt and I are back in the office and happy to announce some new products that you can read about on the Aquarium Specialty Blog. Please take a look to see our latests announcements. Thanks to the...
  7. AquaNerd

    Cermedia Introduces GEMS MarinePure Media

    Learn more about it on our blog.
  8. Roggio

    Putting Pond Matrix to the test now that Marinepure is out!

    After Marinepure was confirmed to release Aluminum by Ryan at BRS I decided to put Seachem's Matrix to the test. There's tons of great reviews out there that claim Nitrates dropped in less than a week at times. While I don't think this will be the case I decided to run my own experiment. The...
  9. Roggio

    How I dropped nitrates on a large system without water changes

    Backstory _______________________________ Let me start by saying I had a 600 gallon system with 100+ fish that ran well for years. I hardly attended to it because I was on the road for two, almost three years straight. Due to a large mangrove population and some rocks that had been cycled 15+...