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miracles aquarium

  1. 135reef

    Build Thread Miracles 160g In-Wall Rebuild

    Thought I would start a thread for our in-wall rebuild. Background When we built our house ~15 years ago, we found a floor plan that was great for an in-wall. The garage had a double deep bay that backed up to the family room and would become a storage and support room. My wife and I spent an...
  2. Bnagle

    WildAquatics SPS Journey

    Hi everyone! I never started a build thread here on R2R but I wanted a place to document my tank and SPS collection. A little background on the tank: Was first filled early 2016, had some ups and downs the next couple years until eventually I had a tank crash in Mid 2018. Wasn't sure on the...
  3. JoshH

    Build Thread My Shallow Dream Build 60" × 30" × 17"

    And so it begins! (This will be a slow and steady build) After moving into our first home a month ago and selling our cargo trailer I have been given the green light to order my dream tank and get rolling on putting together a system that I will be happy with for many years to come. The house...
  4. Bottyfish

    Build Thread R2R - Bottyfish 60 gallon rimless

    Hi All, Very excited to find a home to post my build thread. I hope you drop by to get updates or follow along with the journey. I'm open to feedback and am thinking to make this hopefully detailed pic heavy. Background From Toronto, Canada... I started getting interested in the hobby...
  5. Elder1945

    Large Build [sponsored] Project Reef by Elder1945 200g

    Feb 5, 2018 April t, 2018 Hello all, I am back with a new build and I am extremely excited about it! I originally was going to do a Red Sea 525xl and then a 425xl but after thinking about it these tanks just don't have the room that I need. They are beautiful tanks but just not what I...