1. ReeferWarrant

    Monti White Light Sensitivity?

    So I’m trying SPS for the first time and got a couple frags of Montipora from a friend. I notice in the morning with the blues on the polyps are fully extended, but once whites come on it recedes. Is this normal? Currently battling Nitrate and Phosphates, so I know those are an issue...
  2. Chipper1978

    Superglue On Monti Cap

    So I made a mess attaching a monti cap frag to my rock. As you can see in the pic, the superglue gel got on the top of the left side. Guessing the coral will be okay, but it looks terrible and is driving me crazy. Any way to get it off or will I have to look at it that way forever?
  3. Kaiser

    Not sure what is wrong with my chemistry

    i ended up adding a piece of my bubblegum digi to my tank last week as well as my sunfire grafted cap, and they started to bleach within a couple of days. I also started to notice my acros losing tissue on their tips within a couple of days after that. I immediately tested everything and my...
  4. plankton

    Need help with montipora getting white spots?

    I got a nice mini colony of wild caught m.digitata (burnt orange) from LFS, racked for two weeks now moving near center with lights at 50% acclimation. Then white areas develop. The central area has more flow for sure (two mp10 at reef crest up to 80%). And central area has 4x more light than...
  5. oceans garden aquaculture


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  6. Blakerr

    Montipora shedding color!!

    I've had this Monti frag for a couple of weeks now and it's been growing and doing great. It looked good a couple hours ago and just now I went to look at it and it's literally shedding it's color!? Everything looks great other than this one.
  7. NewYorkReefer1988

    Frags for sale or trade

    I live in the Albany area and want to start getting acquainted with reefers in the area to trade and sell Corals, fish, equipment, whatever with. I currently have: - 7 red monti cap frags - $10 each - 2 pc rainbow Acro frags - $25 each - 1 blueberry fields Acro frag $25 - 2 forest fire...
  8. TCK Corals

    Weekend Flash Sale + Spend $50 Get a free frag!

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  9. T

    Montipora growing or bleaching

    I bought this red/orange montipora a week ago. Tank chemistry seems fine - no high phosphates or nitrates and no ammonia. Is it growing or bleaching?
  10. Eggpaul

    Montipora are bleaching after water change!

    Hello everyone, I have had my tank for 2 years and my montipora have been growing like crazy. Everything was perfect. Last week I noticed a gonipora was closed up so I decided to do a large water change. It's a 150 gallon tank. I usually do 30 gallon changes. I did a 75 gallon change...
  11. Wen

    Florida Setosa, bubblegum digi colonies

    Naples FL No shipping Setosa frags 1”-3” $20-30 Pavona 2” $10 Bubble gum digi colonies 4” + $75 Other stuff too...little yumas, toads, gsp
  12. The Camaro Show

    The camaro shows high end sps grow out system build! Picture Heavy!

    Hello all, My name is Chayse and I love collecting and sharing my corals. I am a hardcore stick head and zoa fanatic. But I mostly specialize in high end and rare corals. I have been reefing for a little over 3 years now and keeping freshwater for over 10 years. So I’ll cut to the chase I am...
  13. Osaurus

    Monti ID please

    Hi all, I just picked up this frag at my LFS and wanted to get some opinions on what type of monti this is. The colors look a little pale/sad from what I think they could be. It doesn't really resemble my mystic or regular sunset (I'll attach pictures of those for comparison). Each polyp is...
  14. Perpetual Novice

    Are delicate corals physically delicate or just chemically sensitive.

    I was wondering how gentle I need to be when handling/touching my Acropora and Montipora. I'm dealing with some red slime (i think its dynos but maybe cyano) and I don't want to use chemicals to knock it out given the many SPS in the tank. however, because of that, I frequently need to manually...
  15. ArcEyedHawkfish-Megability.jpeg


    ArcEyed Hawkfish on the lurk in the Montipora...
  16. ScubaZ

    Monti cap discoloration

    I have a red monti cap in the center of my tank that was doing really good for a while and now is taking a turn for the worst. Too much light maybe? It’s right under a hydra 26hd although it’s lower in the tank. It seems to bleeching out possibly in some areas although I’m not sure. Any...
  17. lrp693

    Can I save my Monti?

    I recently purchased this Monti frag and have had it in the tank for two days. I accidentally fed it bottles phytoplankton and now it is changing colors all where the phytoplankton touched the surface. Is there anything I can do to save it? Is it dying or is this normal? (The second photo is...
  18. hometown9

    SPS & Monti browning out!

    Softies and everything else seem to be OK, but hard corals (SPS, monti) just brown out within 2 weeks of putting them in. My nitrates were high (60) for awhile but I've brought them under control (10). Lights are mostly blue at this point, no white, red or green (AI HD26). Any ideas? It's been...
  19. Peach02

    Montipora turning white?

    I got this Monti frag recently and when I came back from school it was turning white any ideas how to save it and what’s causing it
  20. AllSignsPointToFish

    Florida Pruning Time!

    I have several Montipora and birdsnest species that are just getting too I had to prune them! I have red and grape Montipora frags, including one Superman Montipora frag. I have several green birdsnest frags (some look better than others because the fish won't leave them alone), and...
  21. prfishgirl

    Monti spongodeas

    Hey guys was curious if this monti spongodes looks ok to you.. I see it’s growing but not much p extension the last two days.. not sure if that’s just a growth ring or it’s getting lighter in color? It’s been in this spot for the last 2 months doing great until I noticed the lack of extension...
  22. Wen

    Florida Idaho grape, ORA green pavona, setosa, forest fire digi +

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  23. Tangina20

    Montipora/sps ID

    i found this monti at the lfs if it even is a monti. This lfs isn’t really known for their Nice corals ( hence all of the algae lol) but this one caught my eye. Does anyone know what it is??
  24. Wen

    Florida Pavona, Forestfire & Bubblegum Digi +

    pavona frags 1”-2” Forestfire digi 2”-3” nice and chunky Bubblegum digi 2”-3” nice and chunky German Blue digi cut to size Setosa 1” Idaho grape monti 3” Toadstools 3” Green star polyp 3” I’m sorry, no shipping, pick up only. Naples
  25. WWC

    WWC TimeSplitter 2019 LIVE SALE! 2,500+ WYSIWYG Corals, 200+ $5 Frags!

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