1. C

    Texas Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 2 mp40 for sale separate 375$ 700 for pair

    I have 2 mp40 pumps I'm selling less then a month run will be reset. No issues with them tank crashed and at this point I feel like I don't have time for anything more then my nano. 375$ for one 700 for pair will ship to lower 48.
  2. baktabiznis

    MP40 QuietDrive

    I just received a preowned MP40 Quiet Drive from eBay. Its working fine but I can't connect it to Mobius. The "W" on the top right is yellow and not White/blue like my other MP40. I tried doing a hard reset, opening the driver and making sure the RF module is installed correctly and reopening...
  3. 3l3ments

    Utah Powerheads Drygoods Ecotech mp40qd 285 shipped

    I have a mp40qd only a year old. Works perfectly. Will post more pictures later. 285 shipped let me know if you have any questions.
  4. authentic

    Florida Misc. Pumps Drygoods BNIB factory sealed MP40QD

    Brand new in box factory sealed mp40 QD mft date 330 shipped
  5. chriscarper_21

    Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods Ecotech Mp40s

    I have 2 ecotech Mp40s for sale one with a wet side and one with out 1 with wetside 250$ shipped 1 with out wet side 150$ shipped 1 old white MP40 no wetside 80$ shipped
  6. Jaag

    Utah Powerheads Drygoods SOLD MP40QD

    This guy is just too big for my tank. It is about 2.5 years old. Works great and is quiet. There is in bar on the front of the propeller cage missing. Doesn’t effect it’s function. I will consider trades for MP10s or nero 3 possibly.
  7. Homewrecker

    Build Thread Getting Back In...

    Its been over a year since I've had a tank and it feels... odd. While I've been hunting for the "perfect" tank( and still am) I wanted to set up something small for now. And so here it is Equipment: Purchased: Innovative Marine 40 Gallon Nuvo 2x Radion XR30 G4 Pro (I have no idea how I'm...
  8. LilElroyJetson

    Two XR15 Pros and two Nero 5 or MP40s for 3 ft. Long 16” Deep 45 Gallon?

    Any thoughts on whether the two XR15 Pros will be sufficient for an SPS dominant tank? Dimensions are 36x18x16 (pictured below). Leaning Nero 5s for flow because I like the wider flow pattern, and I think they look a lot better and are easier to clean. Fish getting sucked in less of a concern...
  9. C

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps SOLD Ecotech Vortechs - ALL SOLD

    Hello, I have some Ecotech Vortech pumps and an Ecotech battery backup for sale. All pumps are Mobius compatible and work as they should. When removed from the tank, I cleaned them with Sicce pump clean. Shipping included, PayPal only. Thanks! 2x Ecotech Vortech Mp40wQD (mobius compatible) -...
  10. S

    Texas Powerheads Drygoods SOLD MP40mQD

    Mp40 in good, used condition. 2nd owner, unsure of exact age. Original owner got it as gift and tried it but didn’t use often. Said it blew around his sand too much. I’ve had it for 5 months, and used at 40%, cleaned regularly. Selling because 2 smaller pumps are more appropriate for my setup...
  11. cprice

    Florida Aquarium Controller Lighting Drygoods Huge Equipment Breakdown and Sale. Brand New Neptune Apex Gear, Radions, Vortechs, Vectras, Regal Skimmers, RODI, and more.

    Hey everyone, Over the last 2 years I was buying up equipment for a 500g system that we have decided to no longer build. I am selling everything and there is quite a lot of items. I will continue to post more items over the next few days so keep an eye on the thread if you're looking for...
  12. db2022

    Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD EcoTech mp40

    I have this EcoTech mp40 that is in great working condition. It is not mobius enabled but works well using the controller. It is super quiet and has no issues with it. The price includes shipping.
  13. Rams

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Eco tech Vectra M2 and MP40

    Selling both M2 and MP40 M2 comes with box and used only a new and asking 300$ MP40 1year use and möbius ready.doesn’t comes with box..asking 250$ Pickup both for 500$ at Edison NJ 08820 Can ship on buyers expense
  14. B

    Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Redsea 325xl plus 3 radian, 15 blue and 2 mp40 rocks 7stage rodi water filter and some extras prefer to sell it all as one 3750 obo

    Had the tank about 2 years and lights about 15 months and questions call or text me at 7742906152
  15. T

    EcoTech MP40 - Apex Feed Cycle

    Hello all, I have currently programmed my MP40 wavemakers to turn off when I click 'Feed Cycle' on my Apex. Once the Feed Cycle has ended they turn back on. However I believe both wavemakers are turning on full blast (definitely the left wavemaker definitely is as its making a vortex and...
  16. NewCaliCaptives

    Kansas Powerheads Drygoods 4x MP40wQD 4x Maxspec XF250 gyres

    4x MP40wQD Mobius Ready with nem guards $200 each 4x Maxspec Gyre XF250 with controllers and brand new replacement blades $200 each Will trade for GHL Mitras, Profilux or doser
  17. matteo81

    Aquariums Powerheads Drygoods Mp 40s

    Like new MP 40s . With all parts in working order . 1 box .
  18. cjgibson

    Indiana Powerheads Drygoods SOLD MP40WD Brand new in sealed box Indiana will ship $350obo

    YES I have read the terms and agree to them I have an extra MP 40 for sale. Order an extra without realizing it until it was too late. It's still in the sealed box with a Manufactured Date of April, 2023. Asking $350 shipped. BRS has them listed at $450 right now. This would be a great deal for...
  19. R

    Powerheads Skimmers UV LED 320 gallon breakdown. Radions xr30 gen 5 blues, mp40s, UV, carbon doser, Kamoer and more.

    320 tank brake down. 1. 5- Radion xr30 gen 5 blues with diffusers - 525 each shipped 2. 6- MP-40 QD - 225 each ALL SOLD 3. Aqua 57 watt UV sterilizer with extra bulb -275 shipped SOLD 4. Vectra L1 pump - 240 shipped SOLD 5. Vectra M1 pump - 220 shipped 6 Helio 800 watt heater - 120 shipped SOLD...
  20. CH3RRY

    Missouri Misc. Pumps Drygoods VorTech Mp40 Used

    Used Mp40 for sale currently using it with Ecosmart Live Asking $275 + shipping or local pickup Paypal or Cash
  21. B

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps SOLD EcoTech MP10 QD - Will Ship - $150

    Asking 150 OBO. Will ship at buyer’s expense. EcoTech MP10 QD. Wetside replaced 1.5 years ago. In working order. Runs quiet. On the dry side, where the wire meets the driver, the external wire coating ripped. Taped with black electricians tape. Has not affected performance so really just...
  22. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Powerheads Drygoods SOLD (2) MP-40 wavemakers (used, good condition) Mobius Ready $500

    I’ve got 2 MP-40s for sale. $500 for the pair or $275 each. Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Will also throw in an extra wet side if someone buys both! Free $80 value!
  23. galmase

    Powerheads Misc. Pumps Drygoods SOLD Ecotech MP40 new - used only once for few minutes

    Got this off here BNIB in March from another reefer. Originally purchased March 19, 2023 with full warranty (scanned original receipt will be sent). No issues. Original items inside the box included. Opened the box 2 weeks ago, installed the thinnest gasket on the dry side. Added the MP40 to my...
  24. Baka Mop

    California WTB WTB BNIB MP40 QD

    Checking if anyone has a new MP40 QD they want to sell before I buy from retailers.
  25. Slevin007

    Mp40 looses connection with Mobius everyday

    I’ve noticed that my left MP40 (brand new) looses connection to the mobius app. My right MP40 never looses connection. The left is also the child in the anti sync setup. My question is this: is there a work around to get this to stop or is it just how this app works. I’ve reset, removed...