mushroom coral

  1. Ligershark

    New Jersey Bounce Mushroom Pack for sale

    Bounce pack for sale. PZ Godspawn and Cornbred Orange Bubble $250 shipped for both via Fedex Priority w DOA guarantee PZ Godspawn Cornbred Orange Bubble
  2. Tangina20

    Mushroom coral not opening fully

    I came across old pictures of when I got my first mushroom coral and didn’t realize the change over time. My mushroom used to open to 1.5 inches long and spread far across the rocks and now I have hundreds and they look more shriveled up and less than half of an inch. Below are some before and...
  3. AllSignsPointToFish

    Florida Must go...LOTS of Ricordea Mushrooms!

    Tons of orange and purple Ricordea mushrooms available. All have chartreuse green mouths and are unattached. Small mushrooms (<1.5" diameter) $5/ea. Large mushrooms (>1.5" diameter) $10/ea. I'm in the Pensacola area. If I can't sell these, they're going in the sump or the trash. I have too...
  4. Seahorse man

    Mushroom on snail shell

    Hi all, this sunday i got a few new snails, and i just noticed a pleasant little surprise, a mushroom growing on a snail? Ive looked for pictures online of this happening, but have found nothing. Will the mushroom continue to grow in harmony with the snail? Will the coral kill the snail? Should...
  5. Darbna

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture Summer Heat Sale

    Discount Code: Summerlovin for 15% off With the summer heat comes fire deals on coral for everyone. Use the discount for entire order Reverse Bleeding and Bleeding Apple Scolymia The Aussie Bleeding Apple Scolymia Coral is a great beginner coral and will...
  6. ChaosAquaculture

    Just a couple of iPhone bounce pics

    Not the greatest pics, Just some eyecandy for you mushroom heads out there....
  7. NanoCrazed

    $20 Green Hairy Mushroom

    Large Green Hairy Mushroom (single head) frag, $20. Expanded it's about 3.5 - 4" across. Here's what the mother colony looks like. Local pick-up in either San Jose by Tasman/Zanker or in Mountain View.
  8. ProfessorPolyp

    Hey can anyone id these shrooms?

    Hey can anyone help me id if they have names?
  9. Cultivated Reef

    Cultivated Reef's FREE SHIPPING DEAL

    Hey Reef2Reef, We have a really great free shipping offer for you! Place a order of $99 or more and receive free shipping. Just enter the code freeship99 during checkout. This deal is for coral and invert purchases only. And to sweeten the pot, check out some of these outrageous sales going...