mushroom coral

  1. zachSalty

    Mushroom seems upset

    Hey guys, my mushroom is about two weeks old. He has been more fuller than this and seems to be angry. My zoas are thriving, but he just seems to be shriveled all the time then before when he was full. I have been feeding amino acids blend. Any thoughts? See picture
  2. Wavesreef

    Missouri Magic Carpet Mushroom

    Magic Carpet Mushroom for sale. Asking $425 shipped. Is about 1.25” the tile is 2 inches for reference! Message me with any questions.
  3. O

    Texas WTB Og bounce or jawbreaker mushrooms

    Looking for any og bounce or jawbreaker mushrooms in Texas. Thanks in advance
  4. Jweis3500

    Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania Two OGs and a Toxic Bounce

    2 OGs and toxic Bounce available. Pick up in 19060 PA free - overnight FedEx shipping depends on location. Standard DOA applies.
  5. T

    ID on mushroom and if this splitting is normal?

    I just bought a new mushroom on Friday, started opening up within an hour of putting it in the tank and hasn't closed up at all, but it's splitting and I just want to make sure it's okay seeing as how I just got it. It appears like it could also be a bounce? It's forming some bubbles. Thanks
  6. nanonøkk

    try and save or not

    just bought a bounce mushroom looked fine at the frag swap but the bottom looks like this is it save able
  7. christianscorals

    California MUSHROOM PACK (bounce)

    Winterbounce rock (2+1 baby) + Brown rhodactis with 1 bubble (which i will call the donkey kong bounce) + fuzzy bouncing rhodactis ALL for $275 located in Long Beach, CA
  8. Vapor_Tsunami

    Yuma Staying Closed

    My Fire red Yuma that was looking healthy has suddenly been closed up for a few days. Is it possible the algae is bothering it? I tested nitrates and they were 0.2 ppm, my hunch is that the newly introduced peppermint shrimp were harrassing it. (Its a baby so its not even as wide as the plug...
  9. christianscorals

    California mardi gras bounce mushrooms

    What’s up everyone. I have 2 Mardi Gras bounces on a rock up for grabs! $215 takes both. sorry for the bad photos. Located in Long Beach, CA one is about 2” wide the other a bit over 1”
  10. Gianluca

    Odd bright spot on mushroom

    Hello everyone! I just fed my corals and after I left to go and some food myself (about 40 mins) I came back to find this really odd bright spot on my mushroom? Anyone know what this is?
  11. Jibarra

    Mushroom ID

    Picked up this mushroom at my LFS. They didn’t know what it was and mistaken it for a Sunkist bounce.
  12. U

    USA WTB Cheap mushrooms

    Does anyone have any fast growing mushrooms they would be willing to part with?
  13. Zoa_Fanatic

    Ric FL shrinking

    I have had this ric for like a month. I left yesterday to go out of town and came back today and it’s shrunk to half it’s size. Is this normal? It’s 1/3 up the way in my biocube 32 led. Anything I can do to bring it back?
  14. Travis Warren

    California Amazing deals on Torches, Frogspawn, Trachy, Zoas, Acro,bubblegum digita, Mushrooms, Flower pot, and Frogspawn.

    Hi, I have the following at great deals, local pick up only in Ocean Beach, CA 92107. 1. 3 head green with pink tips torch coral $100 2. 1 single head green torch with pink tips $ 40 3. Red Lobo with yellow stripes $45 4. 3 head frogspawn with blue tips $80 5. Orange rim Lobo about 4inches...
  15. C

    California Sunkist Bounce and Mushroom Rock For Sale - Los Angeles

    Located in Los Angeles CA, local pickup only Sunkist Bounce Mushroom (smaller one on frag plug 1.5" diameter) - $275 OBO Assorted Mushroom Rock - $250 OBO Rock is about 9" in diameter - Covered with some nice green/orange ricordea on the back, discosoma in the middle and some nice rhodactis...
  16. omgnotyouagain

    Hobgoblin Bounce mushroom

    Is anybody ever seen a bounce bubble with a mouth on it.
  17. Accidentalreefers

    Need identification on yuma shroom

    Hey reef fam need an ID on this yuma shroom!
  18. Omarons

    Can you help ID this mushroom

    Don’t know what this mushroom is , need help IDing it . It’s more red but the skirt has green
  19. BrightReef


    I have a MASSIVE mushroom up for grabs. The color on it is crazy and the mushroom itself is continuing to grow. Selling for $525 local pickup only near San Jose, CA
  20. BighohoReef

    Nano Build The Mushdarium | Oh-man-o-nano IM 25g lagoon

    New Year, new tank... I finally pulled the IM 25g lagoon out of the garage, let the softie/mushroom tank build finally begin! Decided on the sandy bottom... better for mushrooms and easier to spot if they detach, future fish will need it as well. Water is in, taken from the main tank...
  21. Zoa_Fanatic

    Mushroom coral help

    i got a small frag of toadstool mushroom Thursday. I also started running carbon. Today my LPS look bad and shriveled. Is this an effect of toxins from the mushroom or could it be the carbon leaching nutrients causing them to act bad? Just removed the carbon. salinity-1.025 pH-8.2 Nitrate-5ppm...
  22. B

    Mushrooms Worm?

    I was doing some poking around to consider fragging some mushrooms and suddenly the mushroom retracted and shrunk, and seemed to spew these semi clear worm tentacles like things. Are these worms in the shrooms or the shrooms tentacles? Thank you all for your support and advice!
  23. __Jreef__

    Florida FS- 4 Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Hello guys, I have 4 Sunkist Mushrooms available for adoption, natural split and they're mounted on a 2x2" plate for size reference. They're nice size and I always get compliments about them. 1 is a little bigger then the other 3 but overall around 1.5" The big one is $150 the others are $125 -...
  24. C

    Mushroom coral with green guts

    Hey all! My mushroom has green squiggly stuff coming out of the center. This is one of the two pieces that the mushroom split into about 2-3 weeks ago. What’s the green stuff in the center? What’s happening to the mushroom when this is happening? (See picture attached)
  25. ArtofReefing

    Mushroom ID Help

    Hey guys, I bought this mushroom about a year ago from my local lfs as a red devil mushroom. Fast forward up until recently I thought thats what I had until someone mentioned that its not indeed a true red devil. I'm confused, at this point the mushroom has grown and has offspring lol. I love it...