mushroom coral

  1. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods Lots of corals, local pick up NOVI MI 48390. Also have fish

    please text 313-268-3195. Location is NOVI MI 48390. Well worth a drive! Lots of cool stuff. Prices in photos. ONCE CORALS ARE SOLD FIRST, I have few fish as well if you wanna bundle. 3 small blue hippo tangs for $250 all 3. Yellow tang $200. Small unicorn tang $150. Few others.
  2. Sienk4

    USA WTB Looking to Buy Toadstool Mushroom Coral

    I am looking for a pretty decent size toadstool mushroom coral to use as a main focal point in our tank.
  3. RichWise73


    I’m glad I was able to pick up some new mushrooms recently. These have always been one of my favorite corals to keep.
  4. Elitecorals

    Florida Live Goods Amazeballs goni

    Mazeballs at 275 each Pick up only in orlando fl
  5. williamCreery

    Neon Ironman Mushroom

    Ok so I have a question… I have a local reef store that’s reached to me off of a picture and wants to buy one mushroom off of me due to its rarity and market value sky rocketing… I’m looking everyone online to find my coral and can’t even find one… and if I do it either the regular neon orange...
  6. T

    Magic carpet color up

    I have a magic carpet and it dosnt have much of the bright yellow/orange/green "hairs." Is there a way to get it to color up? Ha anyone done it themselves? Picture is of bsa not mine. Mine dosnt have 1/10th that color.
  7. Notorious F.R.A.G.

    FS: Tequila Sunrise Mushroom

    Good evening! I have some very nice Tequila Sunrise Mushrooms that I’ve been growing and a few are now ready for new homes! Pics attached. Asking $100 per mushroom Shipping available! I can run a shipping quote for you once I have your address. I’m not looking to make any extra money from...
  8. MonoZXM

    Please ID this mushroom....Doughboy/Bean bag??? Thank you!

    I got this mushroom from my LFS..... I was told this is a Doughboy/Bean bag mushroom but after going over many Doughboy/Bean bag posts on reef2reef I am so confused now.. Can some Mushroom expert identify this mushroom, please?
  9. V

    Is mushroom farming profitable?

    Very curious if anyone has had any luck with selling mushrooms. If so I would love to hear about it! Seems like a very fun and fulfilling way to make money.
  10. skantounis

    Interstellar Bounce Mushroom

  11. Luis's Nano


    Montipora Setosa- $25 Blue Birdsnest- $25 Take both for $40 Shipping is $50 Local pickup is available 33837 Standard DOA rules apply
  12. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD 30+ splitting heads of Blue tipped Gold torch mother colony..AQUACULTURED ….local due to size….will consider partial trades for shrooms

    Text 313-268-3195 Approximately 30 heads of these stunning blue tip gold torch, home grown, beautiful center piece, most of the heads are splitting doubles( so you’ll end up with 60 heads in no time!) I will consider partial trades for bounce jawbreakers, purple monster mushrooms or rare...
  13. rastafan

    California Live Goods Kingkong Bounce Mushrooms

    Kingkong bounce up for grabs. Standard DOA applies. Plug size for reference is 0.5 inches. These gets even bigger at low flow. A - $170 B - $220 C - $120 last picture is the mom (NFS). Shipping is $50 via UPS overnight
  14. T

    Have you seen?

    I have seen an insane ricordia/yuma. I haven't been able to find it since, I saw it at rap once and can't find it online. It is this bright whitish pink and also a bright whitish green at the base. I have a similar picture but the one I saw was brighter.
  15. T

    When do berserker bounce mushrooms "bounce"?

    Every berserker I see for sale isn't really a bounce. Yet when you look up berserker bounce mushrooms some look absolutely crazy. I have a quit large berserker and it really hasn't bounced yet. Any ideas? Let me know what your experience has been like with these and other similar mushrooms.
  16. PV Reefs

    Ultra st thomas mushrooms

    Beautiful selection currently available
  17. Paul Kachirsky

    Poletti Jawbreaker Shrinking

    I have a Poletti jawbreaker that I got 6+ months ago. When I got it it was about the size of a nickel. It has shrunk down to like 1/2 of a Mini M&M, its TINY. It still has its color. Its been in a cup out of direct flow for months. I am lost. Any ideas as to why this has happened? And what steps...
  18. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods SOLD Infinity Gaunlet Bounce Mushroom

    1.75"-2" Infinity Gaunlet bounce mushroom last one I'm selling. Super bouncy lineage of the momma $300 free shipping via UPS Next Day air Momma mushroom on the second picture Message me for any questions or details. Standard 2-Hour DOA Shipping cost is not refundable
  19. BrightReef


    I’m selling 2 babies from my mama mushroom. I got this years ago as a no namer baby but gave it a chance. YEARS later it’s turned into one of the most beautiful looking mushrooms in my tank. I feel after all these years it deserves a name, so I’m calling it ILOMILO. Disclaimer- if there is...
  20. S

    California Live Goods JF rainbow rim Favia, Neon green octospawn, Rhodactis mushrooms, Blasto colony.

    Jason fox psycho rainbow rim favia frag. $50 Neon green octospawn $30 Rhodactis mushrooms $20 (each) Blasto colony (13 polyps) $180 Shipping $50 flat rate
  21. S

    South Carolina Live Goods Powerball mushrooms and zoa pack

    I have two Powerball mushrooms $225 each SOLD shipped . Zoa pack includes darth maul 2p , predator 3p , krak gods 2p , white zombies 2p , electric oompa loompa 2p, Death Star 1p $200 shipped . Zoa pack still available!
  22. nycfreshreef

    Help with Jawbreaker Shriveling up mushroom

    Hello , does anyone know why this JB is shriveling up like this ? Normally it’s usually sitting flat and measures about 2 inches across covering the whole plug. Approximately 48 hours ago it started shriveling up like this , all other mushrooms in the tank look fine. Parameters are all excellent...
  23. matteo81

    Florida Live Goods Purple monster jawbreaker baby

    Purple monster jawbreaker baby for sale $1400 pictures posted below of mother and baby next to mother baby is just smaller than the size of a dime and has more than half of it red. Serious buyers only - all others will be reported .
  24. David Calzada

    Texas Live Goods SOLD Infinity Gaunlet Bounce Mushroom Super Bouncy!!

    I have two small 1"-1.5" Infinity Gaunlet bounce mushrooms. Really nice and bouncy natural splits. First picture is the momma for reference only. Second bounce is $300 shipped Third bounce $190 shipped Shipped via UPS Next Day air Standard 2 hour DOA, and shipping cost is not refundable.
  25. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD Beautiful PZ Godspawn Bounce Mushroom and Neptune Bounces!!!

    2.5'' PZ Godspawn with nice bubbles and coloration like the momma. $300 Shipped. First and second picture show the WYSIWYG. Momma pictures on the last pictures. I also have several dime size and nickel size Neptune Bounce available. Some do not have full coloration yet. Dime size $75 and Nickel...