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  1. SDJustin

    USA International 3D printer source files for a Neptune Systems Trident Mounting Bracket

    I wanted to mount 2x tridents off the 'floor' of my aquarium stand. A few hours in AutoDesk Fusion 360 and a few dozen hours of printing resulted in this. It's not perfect, but it works and seem sturdy enough to be completely safe for the Trident. (of course you have to know how to 3D print or...
  2. DrOliphant

    FINALLY Calibrated my Neptune Conductivity Probe (Properly)

    I, like many others, have had issues with the conductivity probe from Neptune Apex. When I had the Profilux 4, it's probe nicely matched my two Hanna conductivity probes. After switching to the Neptune realm, I never was able to get included probe to calibrate. I purchased another on the off...
  3. S

    USA International 3d printed in natural abs reagent needle guides for neptune systems trident

    Price Drop. I was able to get bulk pricing on filament so passing the savings down. I have 2 options now: 3 pcs set shipped for $15 4 pcs set shipped for $20 International shipping add $10 All printed in natural ABS. No additives or colors. This means there will be no leeching into the...
  4. mameroo2000

    Using 2 Neptune apex controllers together

    Hello everyone I do have Neptune apex classic with ph,orp probe and I need to add extra ph probe for calcium reactor, since im using my ORP for ozone & all my outlets on eb8 in use I'll need to buy addition eb8 plus pm1/PH probe. So instead purchasing all this equipments I was wondering if I...
  5. S

    USA International 1Link 24v DC to DC converter with 2.5vdc - 20vdc Variable Output

    I will be offering the 1Link 24v DC to DC converter with 2.5vdc - 20vdc Variable Output for sale. These will be made to order and there is a 7-10 business days lead time. I do however have a couple on hand that I can ship out immediately for those interested. This unit adapts the 2 pin 24v...
  6. S

    Florida Vectra M1 for sale or Trade with COR

    Used Vectra M1 - MFG Date Jan 2017. Wet June 2017. Cleaned every month and full tear down cleaning every 6 months. Great Condition! $240 Shipped Willing to trade with COR15 or COR20.
  7. Smooch30

    Washington ENERGY BAR 8

    I have three Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8s for sale. They are $90 each, shipped. Who needs one?
  8. RickG

    Florida Neptune Systems Apex EL, Neptune Systems DOS, Neptune Systems AutoFeeder, Neptune Systems MPR

    Selling Neptune Systems equipment: Apex EL used for 2 months: $400 DOS NEVER USED: $275 Auto Feeder: $80 MPR: $25
  9. N

    Build Thread Nuuze's Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 Adventure

    Update [12/01/2019] Hi Reef2Reef, After a 10 year hiatus from reefing I've decided to take another dive. I didn't normally post here back then although had an account, it was more at the "other" site. :) As always I want to start a tank thread to chat, share and log my experiences in...
  10. C_mo97

    Salinity Probes that work with the Apex

    Does anyone know if there is a cheaper solution for the salinity probes? The only ones I have seen have been in the $120 range and the Neptune salinity probe has bad reviews. Any info on cheaper or even just better probes for the price is much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. smartwater101

    California WTB: Apex VDM module

    Just looking for a VDM to use with my new Reef Brite. Anyone have one for sale?
  12. MarineDepot

    Neptune Systems Trident: Going, Going, GONE!

    We sold out of the Neptune Systems Trident in about 10 minutes this morning. The good news: we'll have more on the way soon! If you're interested in picking up a Trident, click the "notify me" button on this page and we'll send you an email once they return:
  13. B's Reef


    I have an apex jr that I just pulled off my tank yesterday. It has been running my tank for a couple of years now flawlessly. It comes with the Apex Jr, display module, temp probe, pm1 module, double junction ph probe and wifi adapter for wireless connectivity to fusion. $250 Shipped to lower 48
  14. Broadfield

    Illinois Neptune WAV Starter Kit

    Selling my Neptune WAV Starter Kit. The pumps are right at about 8 months old. $300 Shipped It includes the following: (2) WAV pumps 1-Link module Power supply with power cord 3-Foot Aquabus cable IMG_2481 by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr
  15. MarineDepot

    * Cyber Monday Alert * Popular items are selling out — DON'T MISS OUT!

    * Cyber Monday Alert * Popular items are selling out — DON'T MISS OUT! Unlock shopping incentives when you spend $300+ ALSO: Check out Marine Depot's EXCLUSIVE Doorbuster Bundles »
  16. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Today is the Greatest Sale on Earth!

    Today is the Greatest Sale on Earth! Black Friday is O-fish-ally Here - ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!
  17. MarineDepot

    Happy Tanksgiving!

    Happy Tanksgiving! Black Friday: MORE Deals, MORE doorbusters, + AquaMaxx Stock Replenishment!
  18. MarineDepot

    FINALLY: 10% off Neptune Systems + an A-MAZ-ING Somatic/Vertex Doorbuster!

    FINALLY: 10% off Neptune Systems + an A-MAZ-ING Somatic/Vertex Doorbuster! Good evening, Black Friday shoppers!
  19. Agraves77

    Tennessee Newer Model Apex

    I have a newer model Apex. It all works great. I am in the process of getting out of the hobby and need it gone so I can move a tank out of my room. Local Pickup only as i do not want to ship this and take a chance on the probes drying out. **** I also have a ATK I would sell with it for an...
  20. MarineDepot

    Black Friday Doorbusters: On your mark, get set, go!

    Black Friday Doorbusters: On your mark, get set, go! The best deals of the year start now in our Black Friday Super Sale!
  21. Niterunner77

    Apex Salinity Probe not calibrating....

    Hi to all! I just recently purchased my new Apex and so far I absolutely love it! But, the only problem I am having is that I can’t get my salinity probe to calibrate. When I’m calibrating on step 4 it just times out and can’t seem to get the correct salinity range it needs. Is there any...
  22. jasonamyers

    Apex Fusion Android NSI Beta Review

    For just like 4 days now, I've had access to the NSI beta of the new Apex Fusion Android app. I'm using it on a Pixel 2 XL with Android P beta and it's going great! We got real notifications and the modern interface for the first time on android!
  23. MarineDepot

    ApexEL : Worldwide Launch NOW - Unboxing & Installation VIDEO

    ApexEL : Worldwide Launch NOW - Unboxing & Installation VIDEO The ApexEL: An Entry-Level Apex Under $500 - WiFi Monitoring & Control - Trident Compatible!
  24. jasonamyers

    My take on the Apex + Alexa Integration

    I've been fortunate enough to have been testing the Apex + Alexa integration as part of the NSI program, and it's changed the way I interact with my tanks the most. It's very flexible, simple, and most importantly useful. Take a look at the video for a demo of the integration, the changes to...
  25. Aaron Gustafson

    Neptune Systems OmniGraffle Stencils

    If you’re a planner, like me, and are on a Mac, you might be keen to plan out (or document) your Apex setup using a tool like OmniGraffle. After tearing down my tricked out BioCube before moving cross-country, I started planning my next build and found it really helpful to be able to map out...
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