1. Fishyfish22

    Illinois WYSIWYG SPS Pack - $450 shipped

    I have a WYSIWYG 10 Piece Acro Pack, $450 shipped! TSA Fruity Pebbles JF Fox Flame LR Wonder Woman WWC Pink Panther Tyree Red Dragon RR Manny Pacquiao RR Kendari TSA Bill Murray Route 66 Merlin Staff PC Rainbow Everything has been cut for some while and is encrusting nicely! Standard DOA...
  2. 714reefsalt

    California Zoa pack (5)

    5 pack of Zoas Location is Anaheim/OC area Can meet local $80 Can also ship to lower 48 Shipping usually $50 overnight Standard DOA
  3. O

    Texas WYSIWYG high end Zoa pack

    Zoa pack available $460 shipped, only one available, please pm for additional questions. Standard DOA Zoa pack available White zombie 4 polyps Pink hypo 3 polyps Grin ripper 4 polyps Rainbow infusion 7 polyps Exosphere 6 polyps Bsa kamikaze kush 2 polyps Wolverines 3 polyps Pikachu 10+ polyps
  4. B

    California Zoa frag pack

    Have some extras I need to clear some space for Will ship but located in Carlsbad, CA 92008 3 polyps kedds reds 3polyps and baby Mean Green 2 polyps and baby Mystique 4 polyps and baby playboy bunnies 3polyps pandora 5 polyps king Midas plus baby One 1/2” orange Yuma mushroom Shipping is $50
  5. Rookie2reef

    New York Last of of my sps

    Selling rest of sps Graph cap Shorcake browned out from being knocked on sand to many times Pink caddy Pink mille Tri color Pink panther Black widow baby Pc rainbow and others i dont know name of $200 for everything 14 frags
  6. alecj

    Texas Texas Glitter gonis

    red glitters are 650 each tck spacebalz are 250 each tck flame tip 150 each L frags this red glitter has been with me for years now and is very hardy!
  7. F

    California Zoa and Paly Pack (with substitute options)

    $125 per pack (less than $18 per frag) if picked up. Located at 92102. Shipping wld range from about $30-80 depending how far you are from San Diego. These have been healed for weeks or months. For size reference, the frag plugs are 1.25” (the big kind of frag plugs). Text Derek at...
  8. hvalentino

    Maryland SPS Pack WYSIWYG free ship!

    WYSIWYG Each Pack is 11 Pieces of fireeee SPS! Ps: will add 2 more of my choice, so that's 13 pieces total! Pack 1: Green Goblin Anacropora, Pink Cadillac, Goldenrod Anacropora, Voodoo Majik, Carolina Reaper, PC Rainbow, Rainbow Stylo,Pinky The Bear, unknown acro, Unique Birdnest, Forest Fire...
  9. hvalentino

    Maryland Highend Zoa Pack Free Shipping WYSIWYG

    WYSIWYG Highend Zoa Pack Ship Free! 1. Jedi Mind Tricks 4H 2. Widow Maker 1H 3. Chiquita 2H 4. Marvin The Martians 3H 5. Darthmaul 1H 6. Koala Eyes 1H 7. Playboy Bunny 3H
  10. J

    Kentucky High End Zoa Pack $300 OBO Shipped

    I have a high end zoa pack that is $300 which includes shipping. See attached picture. Exosphere, Marvin the Martian, Grim Reaper, Frankies Acid Trip, Charmander, and Deathstar are the zoas included. Standard DOA policy applies. Will be shipped in a cooler box in zen reef cups with an ice...
  11. J

    Kentucky Zoa Pack 12 Frags $160

    Selling zoa packs with 12 frags for 160 dollars shipped. standard doa. shipping with zen reef cups with a cold pack in a cooler box.
  12. J

    Kentucky Zoa Pack $160 Shipped (12 plugs)

    Have a pack and can make more. This is a pack of zoas that includes 12 plugs. Shipping included. Will be shipped using ice packs and zen reef cups. Apologies on the last post had a lot going on personally and couldn’t get back fast. Happy reefing.
  13. T

    Ohio Looking for chalice package deal

    Looking for a package deal on some Chalices. Shoot me a message! Thanks!
  14. F

    California Zoa and Paly Packs (8 packs available)

    Text is best but PMs can work (but I won’t see them as fast). Derek at six19-253-381six. Located in San Diego for local pickup. Pack one (4 available) is $200. Pack two (4 available) is $180. Flat rate shipping $40. Standard DOA rules (text pic to me within one hour of delivery). I also have...
  15. Mann_Cave_Corals

    New Jersey One SPS frag pack

    SPS FRAG PACK - $200 (Pickup Only) From left to right Wild Aussie Acro WWC Yellow Tip WWC Aussie Toxic Slimmer ORA Red Planet Jason Fox NaNa Forest Fire Digitata Montipora
  16. S

    Texas Cheap Mushroom Pack

    All 3 frags for $40 Pick up in Houston area - zip 77459. Willing to ship USPS priority within Texas for extra $10 (alive arrival guaranteed - make contact within 3 hours of posted delivery time). 1 blue ricordea 1 green ricordea 2 polyps purple/orange mushroom
  17. Sakudo4

    California Easy LPS 6 pack

    Easy LPS 6 pack all healed and encrusting already 90$ local pickup only located in socal 1. Orange lepto 2. Oj cyphastrea 3. Tmnt chalice 4. War favia 5. Orange eye chalice 6. Orange lepto About 4 packs available-/+
  18. Sakudo4

    California Easy SPS 6 pack

    Easy sps pack available: 1. Rainbow monti 2. Birds of paradise 3. Green birdsnest 4. Slimball acro 5. Rainbow granulosa 6. Rainbow poccilipora Plus a freebie (no name milli) 80 $ local pick up Probably have 4 packs available..+/- Located in orange county, Socal.
  19. polyppal

    Colorado Dirt Cheap Zoas and Hammer in Denver (Local Pickup Only)

    Need to clear some frags off my DT rack and need these gone - crazy cheap zoa/euphyllia packs! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (DENVER CO) Lot of 15 Frags! 14 Zoas (assorted) and one head Neon Frogspawn. $100 Lot 7 Frags! 7 Zoas (most XLG size!) $50 Available for pickup in Downtown Denver (no shipping)...
  20. N11morales

    Texas Euphyllia

    Looking for frogspawn/torches/hammers packs or Texas area for pick up. Or colony
  21. NovaReef

    Virginia Higher End Acro Pack

    Pack Contains: RC Poison Envy (chunky) WWC Nuclear Grapes BigR Walt Disney Tyree Pinky the Bear BC Magic Wand (chunky) Pink Hyacinth BC Lemon Hammer Pack is $550 shipped Can add on the following or substitute if interested: PC Rainbow Fox Flame Red Robin BC Captain Planet ...Lots more...
  22. NovaReef

    Virginia Acro Collection Starter

    Pack comes with these: Tyree Pink Lemonade JF Fox Flame Strawberry Shortcake PC Rainbow Walt Disney Red Robin Tri Color Valida Highlighter Acro Red Planet Tyree Pinky the Bear WWC Nuclear Grapes Price is $475 shipped Three packs available PM me!
  23. CoralGuy19

    Iowa Zoa 8 Pack for $120

    8 pack of zoas for $120 shipped. Zoas included will be: 1. Sunny D 2. Wolverine 3. Armageddon 4. King Midas 5. Scrambled Egg 6. Rasta 7. Gobbstopper 8. Surprise zoa frag of my choice Each frag will have between 4-10 polyps. Everything will be shipped in an insulated box with a heat pack through...
  24. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack Mother's Day Special

    Ultra Rock Flower Special for Mother's Day. 5 for $200 Shipped FEDEX AM Delivery with free frag!!! You will receive 5 unique Rock Flowers pictured here below delivered to your door for $200!! Also, take a look at our website to combine your order Also don't forget...
  25. moulton712

    Zoa pack 9 frags $125 shipped Black Friday!!

    9 Zoa frag pack $125 shipped Top left to right Sponge Bob, Scrambled Eggs Fruitloops, Snitches, Fire and Ice Oxides, WWC Twizzlers, King Midas, superman