Zoa 8 Pack for $120

Chad Vietz

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Mar 12, 2017
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8 pack of zoas for $120 shipped. Zoas included will be:
1. Sunny D
2. Wolverine
3. Armageddon
4. King Midas
5. Scrambled Egg
6. Rasta
7. Gobbstopper
8. Surprise zoa frag of my choice
Each frag will have between 4-10 polyps. Everything will be shipped in an insulated box with a heat pack through UPS Next Day Air. Below are sample pictures of frags that I have sold to others and I can send wysiwyg pictures upon request. DOA policy is $10 refund per frag providing that pictures are sent in original containers within a hour after delivery. This being said I've never had an issue with shipping any coral. Any feedback or questions are welcomed!:)

IMG-7733.jpg IMG-7716.jpg IMG-7719.jpg IMG-7713.jpg IMG-7711.jpg IMG-7676.jpg IMG-7744.jpg
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