1. S

    Massive amount of Palythoas.

    I’ve had coral in my 20gal tank for roughly a year now, with mostly Zoanthids and Palythoas. I am yet to attempt a fragging due to not wanting to crash my tank. I have a massive colony of Reverse Space Monster palys that needs to be fragged, it has spread to multiple rocks and is starting to get...
  2. Cyclone-G

    Paly Eradication and Palytoxin Safety Tips

    Just posted up this video after getting poisoned by the Palytoxin.
  3. Rifts2Reefs

    Palythoa and Zoanthid IDs

    Brand new to the forum, as well as still new to the reefing scene (2 years now). Will be using this thread to post some of the more interesting looking Palys and Zoas I find, which I can't positively ID to anything else I've seen so far. Here's a few to start it off. Picked up these up from an...