pest id

  1. MattPLaw

    Strange white pests/ eggs?

    Hello all! To be honest I don't know how to describe these things. They look a bit like tiny pineapples that are completely white. I have attached a picture to help. Now that I have spotted them, I see that there are tons of them. Does anyone know what these are? They are approximately anywhere...
  2. liddojunior

    ID hard encrustment Frogspawn

    I bought some corals that I’m pretty sure are maricultured. And this frogspawn as these unusual encrust meant that I wonder if it’s flatworm eggs.
  3. MattPLaw

    Elongated snail?

    Hello all! I have seen a few of these small inverts that seem to have a hard shell like a snail, but they are not what I think of as the classic snail shape. They are long and oval shaped. I have only seen them under frag plugs and on rocks etc. This morning one was kind enough to be on the...
  4. A

    Montipora nudibranch?

    Hi So just got some montipora setosa, it's been doing fine for a week. Today the polyps where mostly closed, and can't remember seeing this white on it before. It's very very small, is it a nudi baby?
  5. manzoherz

    Friend, pest, something else?

    Good morning! These hairy tubey things have started appearing on some of our corals and there's one just sitting in the sump tank glass bottom. Just wondering if it's something harmful or if we should leave it be? Any ideas as to what this might be - sorry this is the clearest picture I could...
  6. Thawman

    What is this? Rescued pectinia

    Hello! Rescued a sizeable pectinia that had a couple pests on it. It had a large vermitid that I glued over, a majano which I injected with lemon juice and covered with CA glue. There is a red sponge which I hope lives! BUT...What's in the picture? It looks completely different from the other...
  7. V

    Critter/ pest id? On acros and LPS Video attached

    Hi I have noticed these strange critters. Almost look like little flatworms but move like copepods they are dark red towards black to look at under blue lights. I think they are causing some tissue recession at the base of my acros and my candy cane coral? Or they may not be a pest and the...
  8. J

    What is this coming out of my torch?

    I was looking at my tank at night and noticed this coming out of one of my torches. Couldn’t really figure out what it is. If anyone could identify I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. B

    Something very strange

    Hello everyone So in the beginning of February I broke down my 75 gallon display tank bleached all the live rock except for one that had a mushroom coral attached to it. In preparation for my 125 gallon upgrade. I removed some substrate along with that rock to house long tentacle, my bubble tip...
  10. amante3456

    Aiptasia or another pest anemone?

    Hey all, This is my first post on any kind of forum, so I apologize for any mistakes. I discovered this little anemone 3 months ago and have been struggling to ID it. It doesn't look like aiptasia from pictures I've been looking at but I'm still fairly new to the hobby and haven't seen aiptasia...
  11. J

    Is it a sponge?

    Hi all! For a little while now, my torch has had this clear white spongey stuff growing on its base and the past two days the torch hasn’t been out as much. Last month, I took it out to dip it and I carefully used a knife to scrape this stuff off. It was crunchy and sponge like but I managed to...
  12. mdpitts

    Something gross in my overflow chambers

    I noticed something that looked like snail eggs in my overflow chamber last week when I did a water change. I scraped it off and wouldn’t ya know I have at least 10 in all 3 chambers of my Evo 13.5. At first it reminded me of the ramshorn snail egg sacks in my freshwater but on closer inspection...
  13. K

    ID Critter please

    Hello I dipped some zoas in Bright-well Aquatics Koral MD cause I found some tiny critters on the rock of the zoas. Not sure what type of pest these are or how to get red of them since the dip did not kill them. Can you help me ID these pest. They have a pair of white antennas. Also found them...
  14. Niceroc

    Hydroid Identification

    Hey all! Relatively new to the hobby with less than a year of experience. Noticed my lepto wasn’t looking too hot and shortly after, I noticed these guys hanging out on the underside of the frag. My searches through the forums lead me to believe they’re hydroids, but I was hoping someone with a...
  15. Enrique7

    White worm-like pest on acro . Help id

    Hello fellow reefers! I noticed some white spots on 2 of my acro colonies and snapped a piece to inspect under microscope. The appear to possibly be eggs from something but I truly have no idea. I added some Berghia Nudis a couple of months ago, eggs look similar but smaller Any help will...
  16. F

    Sinline Wrasse Intestinal worms/Internal parasites ID/Treatment

    Hey all, I've got a sixline wrasse thats been in qt for 2 weeks now. Just this morning I'm seeing signs of what I believe are internal parasites? Tank started at 1.018sg and has slowly been rising due to evaporation, close to 1.021 at this point. Can I please get confirmation on if this is...
  17. Baugan

    Interesting worm-like pest. Anyone got an ID?

    Found in my sand bed. Never seen anything like it before.
  18. Matt Bravo

    Small critters on glass

    Hey, just saw these little guys on my glass today anybody have an ID? If it helps, I’ve seen my clowns and six line wrasse picking at the glass which I now presume is them having some lunch
  19. Gophish1982

    Burrowing worms in my euphyllia?

    I have a couple frogspawn that haven’t been doing well. I’ve noticed what I think are some kind of burrowing worm, but I can’t find any info on it. I see lots of posts discussing burrowing spionid worms in SPS, but nothing about euphyllia. I do have a couple SPS frags with those, but what is...
  20. F

    Torch Coral Pest ID

    Hey all, I added a Torch to my tank about 4 weeks ago. It was doing great and seemed to be adapting fine to my tank. Lately Ive noticed a couple things of concern, could someone please try to identify and let me know if anything should be done? First there is this hair like strand coming off...
  21. F

    Bi-Color Torch Pest/Disease Identification

    Hey all, I added a Torch to my tank about 4 weeks ago. It was doing great and seemed to be adapting fine to my tank. Lately Ive noticed a couple things of concern, could someone please try to identify and let me know if anything should be done? First there is this hair like strand coming off...
  22. Foggy Pirate

    What’s on my rock, hiding underneath hair algae

    Hello, any idea what this is, I have a 3 yr old ish tank and nothing is new and I haven’t really seen something like this before. Only pest Iv had are bristle worms. I noticed when I started to clean tank and small white tubes kinda blew around with the algae? Vermid Snails? If so what can I do...
  23. T

    What are these eggs on my frag?

    I am dipping this chalice and zoa right now and there are alot of eggs on it. What could they be from?
  24. T

    What are these??

    The first photo the best I can explain is that it seems like they are eggs stuck to the glass. The second photo is a little harder to get. Basically what it seems like is a web of white goo. I thought it was snail eggs but it's been there for multiple weeks.
  25. M

    What is this spiny looking pest coming out of my GSP?

    Hey all! I was doing a time-lapse of my GSP and noticed this thing coming out of it. I dip every single coral I have and I have no idea what this is. I took the GSP out of the tank the moment I saw it in case it's dangerous. Can someone tell me what this is? Bristle worms?