pink diamonds

  1. Pink Diamonds Zoa and Sexy Shrimp

    Pink Diamonds Zoa and Sexy Shrimp

    Learned that these can be fast spreading like pink zippers, so I isolated them to an island. The sexy shrimp love hanging out with this frag.
  2. 305Reefer

    Florida Space Chaos Mini Colonies, WWC Superstars, WWC Illuminati, Bozo's Bday, and more..

    Hey Guys, I have to make some space in my frag racks. All prices for the first photo are WYSIWYG. The rest of the photos I will quote a PP price in the list to follow, I have 3-5 frags of each ready to go, rest will need to be cut and heal. Shipping is $50 flat lower 48 and $25 in Florida...