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  1. N

    220 Gal Planet Aquarium seam issue

    While cleaning my glass today my wife had our dimmable recessed lights turned all the way up and I noticed something of concern. I attached some pictures of the bottom seam that shows some discoloration. I searched around the tank and couldn't find any other seams that looked abnormal. Should...
  2. C

    Aquariums Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g Lagoon - SOLD

    I have a brand new Planet Aquariums Tideline 62g AIO Lagoon for sale. It has never had water in it. I bought it new with intentions of setting up a second tank, but have not had the time. It comes with the tank and stand pictured, as well as 2 return pumps and custom media baskets made...
  3. jason2459

    Build Thread Jason's Tank Journey

    I've been on this site for a little while now and I'm finally building a new tank for an older aquarium. I guess I'll do a "quick" recap up to this point. I started with a 55g I got from my sister-in-law around 2006. 55g with some coral life compact Florence and some glo T5s, CPR Skimmer and...
  4. strawberry_reef

    Large Build May The Madness Begin. Again. Planet Aquariums 180 Build!

    At 3:00 AM last Thursday, my wife and I awoke to my tank alarm and the fire alarm going off. My oceanic 150 blew a seam and causing an electrical fire. In my 14 years of being in this hobby, I never thought something like this would happen to me (jokes on me lol). Luckily, there’s no damage to...
  5. A

    Build Thread Dream reef super silent tank 170g

    Excited to start my build thread. Just ordered most of the equipment and will continue over the coming weeks. I am upgrading from a 32 Gal Fluval Flex that I have had for over a year now. for my build, I wanted to choose the quietest equipment possible because it will be in my home office. I...
  6. Mr_Knightley

    EMERGENCY Bubbles appearing in the tank seam! Am I out of options?

    Some backstory. This is my third large reef in this spot, both others were lost to poor manufacturing. The tank is a Planet Aquariums 125 gallon rimless, set on a maple stand that has been leveled, and the tank has been in this spot for nearly two years now. I haven't noticed the bubbles...
  7. Adrift

    Build Thread Planet Aquarium 96x24x21 work in progress!

    Hello everyone! I finally decided to rejoin the hobby! I’m a little late on starting this thread so I will add a bit in due time for timeline purposes. I got out of the hobby nearly twenty years ago while I was in the Navy. I told my now current lovely bride for the last 10 years how much I...
  8. ChicagoShoop

    Illinois New Custom Planet Aquarium 240gal- $3000 obo

    I ordered a 240 gal custom planet aquarium through a LFS and had some unexpected financial things come up that will not allow me to start this dream build of mine. The tank is 96"x 24"x 24" and will have 2 external side overflows and a total of 3 drains. The rest of the items that were going to...
  9. Jersey Corals

    Jersey Corals Store Build!

    We have been working for the last few months on creating our store! The store will consist of a show room and grow out warehouse! For the growout we will be using 12 Rubbermaid 50 gal stock containers, plus a 180 gal tank for our initial growout, for a total of 630 gallons to start. Our showroom...
  10. HD_Reefer

    Looking for some feedback on my scape....

    Brand new build and first attempt at an aquascape of this size. Tank is 60x20x21. Take a look and tell me what you think, please. Check out my build thread: Planet Aquarium 60X20X21
  11. TheSeas

    Freight Cost Planet Aquarium

    Quick question; I am in NJ and am considering a Planet Aquariums build 120 - 150G. Curious to see what freight costs you all have typically experienced with these tanks as I am comparing the price on Planet's website vs. an LFS quote I received. (This is strictly freight; there is a separate...
  12. seldon

    Planet Aquariums Trimless or Rimless

    Hi all, I am working on my next tank. I am looking at a custom Planet Aquariums tank that is ~84"Lx30"Wx25H. I don't want a standard trim piece on top and am also leaning away from rimless, but am still open to it. Does anyone know how far from the top the water level typically is on a...
  13. Mr_Knightley

    Build Thread Mr. Knightley's Planet 125 The Culmination of Indecision

    And a new saga begins... After 2 failed attempts at a 220 gallon tank, I'm going full power towards perfection. This build will be a culmination of 5 years of experience and hardships, hopefully budding into something beautiful. Thank you for following along on my journey. The tank will be...
  14. C

    Build Thread New (to me) Planet Aquarium 125 Rimmed

    I was originally planning to buy an aqua Japan 150. I was informed by the vendor after waiting for two weeks that the tank was no longer available and would be 6 to eight weeks away. Next I put an order in for a proclear ProStar 150. A week later, the tank shows up at the shop. When the...
  15. dustinc

    Build Thread It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) LET 2 Bulb T5 retrofit units (4 ATI Blue+ bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller...
  16. Reefer_Tom

    Large Build My Planet Aquariums 300 Gallon Peninsula Reef Tank

    Starting a build thread on my 300 Gallon Planet Aquariums Peninsula Reef Tank. This this has a Total water volume of just over 400 Gallons (420 Gallons to be exact) including the sump and the refugium.
  17. jd-woodlands

    Build Thread Moving on up... IM 30L AIO to Planet Aquarium Crystalline 85g SPS Bare Bottom Reef Build Thread

    Couldn't resist a deal that came my way for a fully setup Planet Aquarium Crystalline 105g Reef package, so I will be breaking down my IM 30L Fusion AIO and moving to this new tank! Here's a full tank shot of my current 30L, looking to go SPS again this time bare bottom in the 105.
  18. Jettareefer223

    Build Thread "Picking up the pieces" Jettareefer’s SPS dominated Planet Tideline revival/overhaul (Photo heavy/Progression)

    *If you’re not down for a detailed long winded thread I would skip the novel go straight down for pictures/specs lol. As a primer and or disclaimer I’m going to be overly detailed and ramble. This will serve as my build thread share my struggles and progress of my tank. Currently in the process...
  19. GlassMunky

    Large Build Our 210 Rimless Build Thread

    So today was a big day! My new Husband and I put down our deposit on a custom 243G Rimless Tank from Planet Aquariums. The Tank dimensions will be 72x30x24 and will be made out of 3/4" glass with 1" bottom 20" Tideline (ghost) overflow that will run a herbie style drain and 2X 3/4" returns. We...
  20. bknapp

    Large Build BK's 205 gallon Wrasse Hole

    This is my second "large tank" attempt my first being a standard 180 gallon that did well for a while but ended up crashing due to things caused by myself (overreaction to AEFW) and other unknown issues. Here is the link to that build for anyone interested...
  21. I

    Should I Worry??!! New Glass Tank Construction from Planet Aquarium?

    I just received my first glass aquarium (built by Planet Aquarium), and I have to say I'm very disappointed! For one, the work is pretty sloppy, but more importantly, I worry about the integrity of some of the seems. Please take a look at the pics below and let me know if I should worry. I...
  22. Esquire805

    New years mixed macro Algae sale

    Will receive 1/4 pack of mixed macro algae. This algae is in its own sump area will come with assorted reds and greens 58shipped
  23. I

    Large Build IndyReef 210 Gallon Peninsula Build

    Hello R2R, After 15 years of being out of the hobby, I am jumping back into reefkeeping with a 250G system build. I previously had a 180 gallon reef and worked for a local saltwater fish store doing retail and client aquarium maintenance. A lot has changed since those days – beyond all the...
  24. Caliwagon

    Downsizing sale

    The wife and I have decided to down size our current set up. So here it is: 130 gallon (5'x2'x'2) Planet Aquariums Crystaline series tank with matching black stand -More info on the tank and stand can be found here ( black starboard bottom (no sand in...
  25. OzarksReef

    Build Thread Ozarksreef Rimless Mixed Reef Build Thread

    Hello R2R Community, I've been a member on the site for a long time, spending hours on the site to learn more about this hobby we all love. Thought it was time for me to contribute as well, so I thought I'd start with a build thread on my new reef aquarium. I set this system up in October...