1. TeresaM1376

    Trying to identify what these may be...

    I’ve been told by some they’re pods & some say they’re hydroids. Can anyone help confirm what they are & if they’re good or bad. Should I be worried & do I need to get rid of them? If so, how? Sorry the photo isn’t the best, but it was the best I could do. They’re all over my tank glass.
  2. Erick Armanii

    Copepods now or later?

    Good morning r2r! What’s everyone’s opinions on adding copepods? Before or after fish are added? Should I have the refugium up and running or the dry rock will provide enough hiding spaces? I’m about 6 weeks into my initial cycle of a new 125g long and triton 44 sump. My test kits are still...
  3. Shackleton

    Six line and pods?

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting a six line wrasse for my reef tank, but I’m also attempting to raise pods in my refugium and (by default) main tank. Would having a wrasse work against this? Or doesn’t it matter as long as the pods have a refugium? thanks!
  4. Perpetual Novice

    Will I run out of copepods? Should I add another wrasse?

    I have a 100 gallon reef tank with lots of live rock and 2 leopard wrasses. The wrasses have been fat and happy for about 6 months now. They hunt all day but I think they get most of their food gorging themselves on frozen food. I want to add another wrasse to the tank. I am thinking of adding...
  5. mario4933

    Algaebarn is awesome!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to express how happy I am with @AlgaeBarn and their costumer service. I ordered pods and phyto for the first time ever, not just from them but ever in general. The package was held by USPS at their sorting facility for almost 3 full days before being shipped out to me...
  6. BitFix

    Will high nitrates kill microfauna?

    I finished cycling my tank a few days ago and my nitrates are very high (about 100ppm). I already planned on getting some chaeto for my refugium, so I was thinking about buying already and let it absorb the nitrates, but I'm afraid that in those conditions the pods that may come with the chaeto...
  7. Peach02

    How many copepods for 2 mandarin fish?

    Essentially I've finally found a source of live copepods in Australia and I was wondering how many I should order to start a population large enough (in refigiym) to feed 2 mandarin fish in the DT (up till now have been using frozen copepods and other foods with mixed success) I can order...
  8. KadeSirin

    Pod Overload

    I've had my tank running for almost two months now. Its a 65 gallon tank with a HOB refugium filled with sea lettuce and cheato. Light runs with tank lights for now. The refugium and tank was seeded after the cycle with 1 full container each of Algaebarn's 5280 pods and Reef Nutrition Tigger...
  9. GrumpyAlison

    Self Sustaining Pod Culture - I think I accidentally made one?

    A while ago (Oct/Nov of last year; 7-8 months ago) I set up a little pod/phyto culture in a 2.5 gal tank. It's just regular reef tank water, a bubbler with a wooden air stone that I weighed down with a piece of dry rock and the whole thing is lit by a 9 watt 6500k pendant LED for 8-16 hrs a day...
  10. Lylelovett

    Tips on adding pods?

    Hi all, My tank at one point had a huge pod population, but it seems to have dwindled. I thought I might "boost" the tank with one of the pod/phyto combos at algaebarn... They recommend 3 combos for my size of tank of 150g. But that's rather expensive, so I thought maybe I'd just start with...
  11. Wirat

    Florida Live Phyto

    Have some extra phytoplankton if anyone is interested. I currently have [7] 16.9oz water bottles full of it. Nice and dark. Grown using F/2 fertilizer (micro algae grow) from Florida Aqua Farms. Culture started with Nanno, Iso, Tetra and Thal (Ocean Magik live phyto). $15 each. If you want to...
  12. Peach02

    Training a mandarin to eat frozen pods?

    So I've heard of people training their mandarin fish to eat frozen foods and or flakes, have any of you guys had success with doing so, if so do you have any advice or techniques that seem to work? (there are two mandarin fish I'm eying at my LFS but I'm not sure if they will eat frozen food)...
  13. scott11106

    Copepod growing help

    I am not sure this is the right place for this but i read a few articles and thought i did it right but things are not looking right and need some help... i have a cheap 12-gallon tank so I: 1. filled it 50% with water from the display 2. added ocean magik from algaebarn for Phytoplankton 3...
  14. Brad Miller

    Culturing and feeding Phytoplankton to Coral, Pods and Fish

    I've exhausted myself over the course of several months researching this and still can not seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I did order "Ocean Majic" Phyto from Algae Barn (4 strain mix) and have been doing their recommended dosing once a day by adding to my refugium for just over 1...
  15. ThunderGoose

    Feeding flasher wrasse

    I have a Carpenter Flasher Wrasse in QT right now. He's eating LRS great right now. I've heard they need to be fed several times a day, which I'm doing right now but Later this year I won't be home to feed multiple times a day. If I have a healthy pod population do I need to feed multiple times...
  16. jordimex

    Need help with ID

    noticed this guys in my tank this is the best pic i could get of them good or bad? thank you
  17. G

    Preparing for life with a Mandarin

    Hey guys, posting in relation to my 2.5 month old 55 gallon reef tank. Just to give an idea of stability regarding water params, the tank is faring well, and so far Heliofungia and some other sensitive LPS corals are doing well, signifying to me a constant, stable ecosystem.. My fish seem quite...
  18. Reef Nutrition

    Tigger-Pods giveaway!!! Must see!!! Don't miss out!!!

    Team Reef Nutrition would like to announce that we are giving away 8 bottles of Tigger-Pods® to 40 lucky winners!!! Copepod farming has never been better! To stay ahead of the Thanksgiving demand, we made more Tigger-Pods than we needed. In the spirit of the holidays, we are very happy to...
  19. Salty-Sailor

    How to "properly" cycle a tank?

    So, I bought pukani rock from BRS and put it in a large brute trashcan in saltwater for 1 month with a power head and heater. i did 100% water change on the trash can with my "old" water change water from my frag system once per week after the first month of just circulating the water & i did...
  20. Rmarget

    Seeding Pods in a new Tank

    I have a 32G Coral Life Biocube it has been up and running for about 2 months. I used 35lbs of Life Rock instead of liverock to limit the introduction of hitch hikers. I have 3 fish, 10 hermit crabs, and 10 Astrea snails currently. I want to add some pods to the tank to get a population...
  21. Aaron Davis

    Will Amphipods or Isopods eat my Tisbe population?

    As the title ask; I'm wondering if these larger Amphipods and or Isopods will eat the Tisbes or Tiggers that I'm planning on putting in my sump. I'm trying to repopulate my tank for a Mandarin in case the one I have now starves. He's currently starving and I'm trying to save him. Don't want to...
  22. spyder813

    Spyder813 40G BUILD

    This is my first saltwater fish tank I'm making after many freshwater tanks I have through out the years. I decide to go with a 40g breeder and a 30 gallons sump. I start a thread on another page but this is the right page to keep the progress of my new adventure. I would like to thanks many of...
  23. MSB123

    Pods And Rotifers!

    Head on over to @pdisner and get your hands on some great quality and priced pods and Rotifers! This is a big thank you to him and how he handled my ordering process- It was smooth and went very well. If anyone needs and pods and/or rotifers, head on over to his thread and PM him! Thanks again...
  24. Syoung

    Having a Sterile Tank

    Now that I've caught your attention with the title that everyone screams "Not true!", I'll get to my question. I started my tank entirely with dry rock, bagged sand, quarantined fish, and dipped corals. As such, I don't have any large (i.e. noticeable) hitchhikers, but I'm sure I have some sort...
  25. Mike N

    Save the pods!

    When doing maintenance (water change/clean sandbed) I always notice tons of pods in the dirty water. I always have fished out the amphipods before ditching the water, but I'd like to be able to save the copepods as well. Anyone have any tips/strategies for accomplishing this?
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