1. Curryb15

    Pods !

    how long does it take for pods to start showing up in numbers ? Does anyone does regularly to keep up numbers or let it be natural ?
  2. AlgaeBarn

    24 Hour Solar Eclipse Sale: 10% OFF and Double PodPoints!

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  3. C

    Live Pods, what is there to know?

    Anyone up for Live Pods 101 What pods are good for what livestock?
  4. AlgaeBarn

    AlgaeBarn June Contest & Discount

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Summer is in full swing! So fire up the BBQ, grab a cold one... and don't for get to keep your tank happy with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from www.algaebarn.com. Our pods and phyto are 100% aquacultured and sustainable. We deliver them directly to your door...
  5. AlgaeBarn

    April Contest Thread: April Discounts Bring May Copepods

    Greetings Reef2Reefers, Spring has sprung here at AlgaeBarn, and we have new products in bloom to help you maintain a clean and happy tank. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), go ahead and treat your tank with Premium Live Copepods and Phytoplankton from www.algaebarn.com. Our pods and phyto...
  6. Dalton Hunter


    So I have two dragonettes and they are both very fat and happy and eating live brine when I stock the tank every week. I want to stock the fuge with pods just they so they have a constant supply of something they like ( I like to spoil my babies ). Hooked on reefs has a free shipping sale on...
  7. ShaLin

    ShaLin's Jellyfish Art Nano Tank Journey

    So by "popular" demand I am sitting down to document my journey parenting my 3 Moon Jellies: Boris, Ouchy, and Deadpool. Boris Deadpool (Bottom Right) Ouchy I have always been fascinated by jellyfish...except for when I have been stung by them in the Florida waterways kneeboarding and on the...
  8. AlgaeBarn

    October Discount Thread: These Discounts Are Scary Good

    It's October good people of Reef2Reef, We have a TON of new products and services we are very excited to tell you about this month as well as some scary good discounts and exclusive offers. Interesting fact: According to our fancy shipping software, AlgaeBarn has shipped over 5.6 TONS of live...