polyp bail out

  1. Plzpizza

    Polyp Bailout?

    Hi recently today I got a pink frogspawn and I might of dipped it too aggressively by using a turkey Bastet and blasting it cause a lot of stuff was coming out. I also rinsed it 2 times in salt water 1st time was with main display water then with new saltwater. A small part of it seems to be...
  2. jnava19

    Help with Elegance Coral

    Hello! I've got an elegance in December, it was looking very good and has been doing good so far in the tank. However, last weeks I started to notice, it is starting to detach from the skeleton base, at the sides. You can see the skeleton in the sides and looks like every day is a bit more...
  3. O

    Rusted Hose Clamp leading to LPS polyp bailout?

    Hi, I have a large 300 gallon mixed reef aquarium, with the following parameters: temp between 76-78, pH between 7.88 and 8.01, and alk around 9.1. I just did some service to my sump, and I noticed that two hose clamps I had attached to my return pump, which are about 2 years old, were covered...
  4. MRRBW

    Torch polyp bail out?

    this past week both my torches have lost a head and I have 2 free floating heads, 1 from each torch. They look viable and quite intact, but I don't know why they have done this. Water parameters are all normal, maybe calcium is a little low at 360-380. Only other change is my temp has gone down...