possum wrasse

  1. N

    Food for possum wrasse

    Just wondering if there is any frozen food out there sized in between baby brine shrimp and mysis? The possum wrasse is still a juvenile and does go after mysis with vigor, but it usually spits out around half. I think the mysis might be a little too big, it also seems to go after bbs but i find...
  2. L

    How many wrasse possible in a 50 gallon

    How many wrasses are possible in a 50 gallon cube? The wrasses I’m looking at: Naokoe wrasse Social fairy wrasse Lubbock wrasse African exquisite wrasse Carpenter wrasse Lined flasher Yellow coris Irdris wrasse Earmuff wrasse Possum wrasse Leopard wrasse Which ones can go in a 50 gallon...
  3. N

    Would this be over stocked?

    Hi there, I have an Evo 13.5 set up and am getting around to stocking fish and having never run a nano before i’m wondering if this would be overstocked: Possum wrasse of some kind (wetmorella or Pseudocheilinops) Royal Gramma Tail Spot Blenny Thanks for your help!
  4. M

    Would the Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse / White Banded Possum Wrasse compete with a mandarin for pods?

    I'm sorta going mad trying to find fish I like that aren't gonna compete for pods with a mandarin. I realise any wrasse except for the fairy wrasses and their relatives will generally feed on pods, but would the Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse / White Banded Possum Wrasse specifically compete with a...
  5. lazycouch

    EMERGENCY is this ich??

    hey guys just took a look at my possum wrasse after doing a water change and notice he has a couple white specks on one side of his body. they’re 3 dimensional and i can’t tell if it’s ich or just dead skin/debris from the water change some how?? he’s active and always eating and both my...
  6. eggplantparrot

    Build Thread 14G Not a Cube (Lots'a Pics)

    Hello reefing peeps, i have been wanting to do a build thread since i started working on my 75, but that project is on hiatus for various reasons. i have however, got a 14G running to get my feet wet in reefing. Before getting the 14G, i took a spare 10G and started learning the ways of the...
  7. All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    All About Reef Safe Wrasses in Aquaria

    Introduction My name is Hunter and I am a wrasse addict. Admitting such is the first step to buying another wrasse, I think. Wrasses are not only my passion, but my niche in this hobby since 2010. My tank is full of them, and unfortunately “regular” species are no longer exciting enough for...