1. Perpetual Novice

    Can anyone help me gender these potters wrasses?

    All I can find is the same one picture showing a male female specimen.i suspect my brighter colored one is female and the more drab one is male based on head shape. But they both have the red mark on the top fun characteristic of males I think.
  2. Perpetual Novice

    Got two potters wrasses. Both male... (video)

    So I ordered two potters wrasses The minute I could find some online. I know they have abysmal shipping history and are hard to acclimate and feed so I decided to get two. They seem to have shipped great and are large and active. Never buried except at night. And are eating live pods and some...
  3. Chukthunder

    So my nephew is in Hawaii, is there anything he can bring back now?

    My nephew is seeing his sister off to college on the big island. Considering the state's bans on marine flora and fauna collecting what's left? I'd ask him to look into Angels that don't get larger than 4-5", corals that don't sting, or inverts that would be too good to pass up if he came...
  4. MRRBW

    Dwarf Angels vs Urchins

    A replaced my original tuxedo urchin a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful white tuxedo and since it's arrival my Potter's Angel has slowly been picking away at it's spines. It's 1/3 bald at this point. Has anyone seen this behavior before? I've tried to dig around and find something on this...