price advice

  1. P

    Torch id

    Hello beutifull people. I know My tank looks a bit shait, Im dealing with it, but Im thinking of selling My torch to prevent loosing alot of money. Does anyone have an id on this, i bought it about a year and a half ago. And Mabye some price estimates, it is 8 heads
  2. J

    Help Pricing Basic Torch

    Hello, I want to sell a torch coral colony I have had forever. I prefer pricing per head. But for information sake the colony has about 8 heads and is a little larger than a softball. It is my impression that what I have is a basic green Australian torch. If that’s not the case please let me...
  3. N11morales

    "weeping willow" long polyp toadstool

    What would a reasonable price be for this toadstool? Frag about the size of the small ones in the picture?
  4. Herides

    Trying to get out of the hobby. I'm unsure of what to price my corals.

    Hello, Long and short of it is I'm not having fun in the hobby anymore and I would like to sell my livestock. I don't know how to price my corals so I've come here for aid. What follows is a series of pictures of my corals with a quarter coin blue tacked onto the glass to give a rough scale...
  5. W0terMoist

    Blue Raven Blaso Pricing

    What should the price be per polyp for a blue raven? If in a colony, in the picture I'm showing a colony of 20, do you multiply the price per head × how many heads are in the colony? The center back colony is the one I am trying to get priced out, has 20 heads give or take a couple.

    Anemone price uk

    My anemone has split and ones taking too much room up…. 8-10 inch span….. how much would you let it go for? Thanks