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Trying to get out of the hobby. I'm unsure of what to price my corals.


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Aug 2, 2020
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Long and short of it is I'm not having fun in the hobby anymore and I would like to sell my livestock. I don't know how to price my corals so I've come here for aid. What follows is a series of pictures of my corals with a quarter coin blue tacked onto the glass to give a rough scale comparison to their size. I hope my posting here is well and good according to the forums standards and I appreciate any help I can get.
The corals:
  • My largest one, my beautiful cauliflower colt. 2 pics for this one to get the whole picture, the rock its on also has a cute little ball anemone on it if that fetches a price addition.
  • A Devils finger leather.
  • A toadstool leather. This one used to be bigger and is capable of being bigger but suffered from a weird algae growth on it. Is on the up and up but I understand if price is affected by that.
  • A Duncan. From what I can count by looking at it there are at least 15 heads on it (the rest are in the back).
  • A Trachyphyllia.
  • A small lordhowensis or blastomussa I don't remember and I personally can't tell by looking at it
  • This montipora. Got him as a little rectangular frag of 2 colors and grew to that size primarily green. Problem is he has started to also encrust the rock hes on so I don't know what to do about that, do I sell him with the whole rock or what?
1679955469323.png 1679955606953.png 1679955678629.png 1679955889111.png
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