protein skimmer recommendation 2021

  1. JGTPA

    Advice for getting back into it.

    Just got back into the hobby after an almost 20 break. There is a ton of experience in this forum & look forward to all of your advice. I'm familiar with most marine fish but am new to corals. I do have some public aquarium aquarium aquarist experience from long ago so, I understand water...
  2. Zoa_Fanatic

    AIO Build Remove false floor in Biocube 16 led

    How do I remove the stupid false floor in a biocube 16 led? Plan to get a skimmer to put it in there and I need to remove the floor to get it in. Thanks.
  3. mattdg

    Upgrading My Skimmer - Your Recommendations for a 120 mixed reef

    Hey all. I am going to upgrade the skimmer in my 120 gallon, heavily stocked, mixed reef. I am not into heavy skimming. I do employ several means of nutrient export. With that said, I am currently very underpowered with my Reef Octopus SS110, which though WAY undersized, has been an awesome... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration