public aquarium

  1. Sallstrom

    Swedish fish - behind the scenes rebuilding a public aquarium

    Hi I thought I might start a new thread writing about our journey building a new public aquarium. I work as a marine biologist and aquarist at The Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg, Sweden. I think I've been here about a decade now. Time flies :) The Aquarium was founded in 1923, and...
  2. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    HUGE Random Flow Generator - We're going REALLY big this time!

    Just wanted to share a project we are working on for a public aquarium. Cant reveal too much just yet, but i can share this monster RFG nozzle. This is the largest production model to date. It is being designed for a 4in pipe with up to 150 to 250 GPM Overall dimensional are approx 9.5in x...
  3. coralfish12g

    Is Seattle's Public Aquarium all that hype?!

    Is Seattle's Public Aquarium all that hype?! Last month I attended ReefWorx Expo in Seattle which ended up being a great little show. Afterwards we got a tour of the Seattle Aquarium and I was really impressed. I personally thought they had an incredible variety, but I got a comment on my...
  4. Sallstrom

    10000L Coral reef at The Maritime Museum & Aquarium Sweden

    Hi everyone :) Since I don't have any aquarium at home anymore I will write some about a reef tank at my work. I works as a marine biologist at Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet, or The Maritime Museum & Aquarium in English, in Gothenburg Sweden. We are a small non profit public aquarium/museum. I am...