1. eggie

    Radium MH 250w bulbs

    I have two new Radium Metal Halides Bulb 250w for sale they are new, package is a little bit bad as they were in a storage box
  2. N

    Lighting Metal Halide Drygoods Radium Metal Halide Bulbs 250w 400W

    I have two 250W Radium MH bulbs and two 400W Radium MH bulbs for sale. All are new in the original sleeve and never lighted by me. My ballasts would not light them, hence this sale! I have now switched to LEDs (sigh). All are 20000K color temperature ("Blue"). $150 + $20 shipping each. I...
  3. Acrofiend

    California Lighting Drygoods sold

  4. RedoubtReef

    Lighting Metal Halide Drygoods Hamilton Bali/Cayman Sun Fixtures with Ballasts - Lumatek - Luxcore: $150 !SOLD!

    !SOLD! I've got 2 Hamilton Bali and 2 Hamilton Cayman Sun fixtures SOLD. These are in excellent 'like new' condition with hanging kit/wire. If you have not had the experience of seeing that halide 'shimmer' over your aquarium, this is a great chance to try it out. You choose the fixture and...
  5. chcgregg

    400w Bulbs which are similar to Radium 20k

    Hi Guys, Here in Australia we can't get as much, and specialist lighting is hard to come by, which apparently is Metal Halide? :rolleyes: Giesemann are really the only quality option, some unbranded probably chinese globes are also available, but I'd imagine quality control isn't as strict...
  6. S

    Tridonic OGLIS 140 lighting ballasts 1000 watt for Radium/Ushio Metal Halide bulbs

    Had plans for a BIG coral display, but the wife got pregnant and shut it down. My office is now a baby nursery. Brand new. Two (2) available. Comes with everything you need except the electrical wire. Never been wired, never been fired. These ballasts will perfectly fire high-intensity...
  7. sdreef

    Large Build SDReef's 330G CDA Acropora Dominant Mixed Reef

    December 2020 One Year Two Years Old Three years old Since 2015, I've been keeping a 60 cube tank. I used dry rock and the system took some time to mature and eventually evolved into an acropora dominant mixed reef. I enjoy seeing larger colonies, but space was getting tight and with...
  8. R

    Colorado 48" Giesemann Spectra MH/T5 Fixture

    I am selling this like new 48" Giesemann spectra MH/T5 fixture. Asking $900 shipped, located in Denver, Colorado if want to pick it up. I also have 2 Hamilton Technology 250W M80 ballast I would also be willing to sell. These ballast are made for Radium bulbs.
  9. Broadfield

    Illinois Commercial Grade Aquactinics 400 MH/T5/Moonlight Ballast and 24" Fixture

    I acquired this setup from a tank breakdown and everything works as tested, including fans. Asking $425 shipped to the continental USA. Includes the following: Aquactinics 24" fixture with single metal halide, dual 24w T5 and single moonlight LED. Fixture is power coated white. Aquactinics...
  10. Nburg's Reef

    Ohio 36" Hamilton Cebu Sun 250w MH + 4x39w T5 w/ electronic ballast & Radium (Local Only)

    36" Hamilton Cebu Sun 250w MH fixture $350 (price dropped) - Single-end metal halide lamp with an electronic ballast to drive the radium bulb. also has x4 39w T5 lamps. 4 power cords, 1 MH, 2 for T5 (outer, inner) and the fan. Comes with legs for a 36" tank or hooks for hanging. I hung mine and...
  11. Berlibee

    Mitras LX7 - Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum Match.

    Hi guys, anyone is running a 20K programm on Mitras, please? I'd like to set a Radium 20k Bulb Spectrum is it possible? If someone has it, can you share please. Thanks. :)
  12. james30ct

    3 250w radiums 20k. Never used

    Selling 3 never used 20k Radium bulbs. 250w single end. $160 takes all 3.
  13. Centerline

    Build Thread Centerline's RedSea Reefer 525 XL +25 +25 Build

    Ironically, I'm sitting at my desk looking at a RedSea 450 I set up a couple of months ago at my office (not the picture before you) and did not manage to get enough good pictures to really consider a build thread. I plan to do better with the 525 XL +25 +25 and am looking forward to hearing...