rainbow infusion

  1. Chad Vietz

    Nebraska Zoa Pack $80 Shipped

    This pack includes five zoas: 1. Rainbow Infusion 2. Hawaiian Ding Dang 3. King Midas 4. Pink (picture doesn't do justice) 5. Gobstopper Pack will be shipped using 2-day shipping.
  2. diverdown

    Michigan ZOA COLONIES & Mushrooms OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce, Reverse Maui Wowi, Magic Carpet, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Gobstoppers, Bam Bam MORE

    Great deals on zoa packages, 50% less than listed prices for multiple colonies! Zoa colonies include Pikachus, Rastas, Gatorade, Gobstoppers, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Frozen Armegeddon, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D. Mushrooms include OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce...
  3. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas + OG Bounce Hallucinations Pikachus Purple Monsters Frozen Armegeddon Many Others

    LOWER PRICES - Please enquire for package price if interested! Colonies include Hallucinations, Pikachus, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Frozen Armegeddon, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D plus OG Bounce Mushrooms and Reverse Maui Wowi Mushroom. Standard DOA applies. Free...
  4. ChaosAquaculture

    Auction: Bid Now Crazy Zoa Pack-Bowtie Blaster, ButtMuncher,Buttkisser, Rainbow Infusion

    Chaos Aquaculture #2 R2R Coral - WYSIWYG Zoa Pack- GB Buttkisser 2Polyp-CB Rainbow Infusion 3 Polyp, Buttmuncher 2 Polyp, Bowtie Blaster 3 Polyp Minimum Starting Bid - $125 Minimum Bid Increments - $5 End Time/Day: Friday, May 3rd, 2019 -10:45PM EST Example: If ending time is at 8:00pm, last...
  5. Darbna

    August Auctions all weekend

    3 Auctions of straight fire going out tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. We over 60 frags up for auction this weekend. From Collector Mushrooms, to high end Zoa, to acro packs and frags. A little something for everyone. We Have a new release mushroom in Sundays Auction along with a...