rare coral

  1. gtaran02

    Arizona California Stratosphere Zoas

    Hello All, I have a frag plug with 7+ stratosphere polyps for sale. Lineage is from Kung Fu Corals. Asking $2,700 that is $385 per polyp. I am located in San Diego and I am able to ship out for free. UPS next Day Air *No trades ATM* Thank You all.
  2. QCC Baby Blue and Pink Goniopora

    For sale North Carolina QCC Baby Blue and Pink Goniopora

    Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind Goni? Then look no further than this spectacular QCC Baby Blue and Pink Goniopora! The incredible golden tips and rich pink tentacles make the blue mouths of this Goni look even more fantastic and add that unique look to this phenomenal piece! So whether you...
  3. PV Reefs

    Two Face Cynarina (rare)

    $1000 shipped , video available upon request https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps/products/two-face-cynarina
  4. PV Reefs

    Naturally Grafted Gonipora

    Crazy unique gonipora colony, some of the polyps are half and half. This is not just two colonies that have grown next to each other. I have much better videos available upon request. Colony is about the size of a baseball and opens about 6inches...
  5. PV Reefs

    Acanthophyllia Available

    A bunch of really nice acantho available starting at $550 shipped https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps
  6. PV Reefs

    Rare 3 headed cynarina

    Got a few rare pieces, multi headed acanthos, cynarina, indophyllia. videos available upon request, 3 headed cynarina $550 shipped
  7. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods New Years Acro Sale, Eye Candy Galore! UPDATED!!!

    Hey everyone! I have a lot of healthy grown out frags available for the holidays. Most of these frags have been healed for several months, super healthy and ready to ship! Feel free to pm for pack deals, Free Shipping on Orders over $450 DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA...
  8. PV Reefs

    Yellow Acantho/ Two headed Acantho

    Yellow Acantho $1100 shipped, double headed Acantho $1000 shipped, better video available upon request.
  9. PV Reefs

    Triple Headed Scoly

    3 headed scoly, largest scoly is a double with two mouths.$850 shipped Also many more scoly available at competitive prices. https://pvreefs.com/collections/lps/products/triple-headed-scoly
  10. therman

    Ohio Live Goods 4 RRC Jawdropper frags, chunky and encrusted

    Very well encrusted, UPS Next Day Air included. All around 1" on 3/4" plugs with varying branchiness. Can read more about my colony here: RRC Jawdropper Can discount slightly in a pack if combined with any of this stuff...
  11. Koral King


    Absolute Craziest Scolys Have Arrived Free Shipping Standard DOA with UPS Overnight Shipping Message us for any questions, inquiries, or pictures Don't forget to check out our Instagram @thekoralking and website koralking.com Molten Core Scoly $2999 Judgement Day Scoly $2999 Green...
  12. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Make Your Own Collectors Pack (Acro Heavy! RRC JD,CRT,TGC,RTE 66,GB)

    Hey Everyone! I have some awesome acros available. These are all healed up and ready to ship! Free Shipping on orders $450+, otherwise it is $50 flat rate shipping. If anyone is curious about my full list of available corals please PM me and I can send you a spreadsheet containing availability...
  13. Koji Wada Pink Nepthea, Shipping Included!

    For sale Utah Koji Wada Pink Nepthea, Shipping Included!

    (3) Large frags available. Each frag is around 3" tall when fully open. Healed for over a month. Shipping to lower 48 states included in price. Photos taken with iPhone 11 Pro and an orange filter which has blown out the colors of green and pink. The coral will only look this pink under lower...
  14. sdubler

    Pink Nepthea Frags available!

    Hi all! My pink nepthea coral has basically tripled in size and is getting a trim. I am offering some frags for those interested. Cut to order. First come first serve. I still don’t really know how to work this site haha, so if interested message me on instagram @futureaquarist (my reefing...
  15. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Gold Tipped Torch

    Large Gold Tipped Torch For Sale! Free Shipping Nationwide!
  16. Daydream Corals

    Livestock ~~New Release Thanos Bounce Mushroom On Sale + New Customers Save 30% Off

    ~~New Release Thanos Bounce Mushroom On Sale 20% off retail price + First time customers save 30% off with coupon codes "welcome" & "20Off" https://daydreamcorals.com/product/thanos-bounce-mushroom-new-release/
  17. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off

    Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off Marked down 20% off retail price + Plus save 30% off with coupon codes "Welcome" & "20Off" $167.99 + Shipping https://daydreamcorals.com/product/ultra-carlgreni-mushroom-1/ https://daydreamcorals.com/product/ultra-carlgreni-mushroom-2/
  18. Kvnsu

    North Carolina Aussie Gold Torch

    Hello everyone, have an Aussie gold torch for sale. It is a 4 head splitting, asking $825 shipped. Price is negotiable, PM me offers. Standard DOA rules apply. Pictures with coral in the original bag within 2 hours of delivery. Must be received on first delivery attempt. Shipping NON-Refundable.
  19. uniquecorals

    WIN BIG! Enter to win this WYSIWYG Fluted Moon Coral

    Join in the fun! UC's barabattoia amicorum Give Away! Starting now. aka the Fluted Moon Coral Barabattoia WIN this beautiful WYSIWYG specimen by signing up here: https://uniquecorals.com/pages/raffle Here's the Reefbuilders article on this special coral...