1. diverdown

    Michigan Purple Monster, Hallucination, Pikachu, Yoda, Rainbow Infusion, Illuminati, Rasta, Sunny D, CSB, Frankenstein Bounce, Gumdrop Mushroom

    Zoa colonies for sale, mushrooms and CSB's Frankenstein Bounce, Magic Carpet/Fire, and Gumdrop. Zoa colonies include Yodas, Illuminati, Hallucinations, Pikachus, Rastas, Gatorade, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D and Avatar Chalice frags Free...
  2. Legonch

    Livestock Rasta Torches!! New big fat rasta torches just posted! 20% off today only!

    We just posted some big nice rasta torches up for sale. They are on sale today only. These babies are nice! 20% off TODAY ONLY! Rasta torches on sale
  3. Sick_man

    How to clean off algae from coral?

    Hi all, my rasta zoas are not opening fully. I noticed this with my vamps in drag zoas so i used a turkey baster to blow it and it closed but 5 mintues later it opened fully. I figured there must have been crap or gunk on it. I did this to my rastas but they opened just a bit more but not fully...
  4. diverdown

    Michigan ZOA COLONIES & Mushrooms OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce, Reverse Maui Wowi, Magic Carpet, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Gobstoppers, Bam Bam MORE

    Great deals on zoa packages, 50% less than listed prices for multiple colonies! Zoa colonies include Pikachus, Rastas, Gatorade, Gobstoppers, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Frozen Armegeddon, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D. Mushrooms include OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce...
  5. GTM42

    North Carolina Multi Zoa puck

    Hello everyone, I have a multi zoa puck for sale with radioactive dragon eyes, sunny D, Hallie Berry, bam, magicians, and the closed up polyp is fruit loops. I am asking $160 shipped obo. I also have a couple of other pucks that I will post soon. Standard DOA rules apply. Pictures with coral in...
  6. Steven w

    New York 12 pack OG zoa collectors pack

    Here we have an exciting pack of 12 wysiwyg frags all coveted by zoa collectors. These classics are great colors and good growers. Pack is selling for $299 shipping included. Freebie included with shipping for limited time also! Jungle Juice (5 polyps) Super Saiyans (3 polyps) Emeralds On...
  7. JenB

    Corals For sale

    Miami chalice - $50 Multi head hammer yellow/green - $100 Neon Green Grandis Paly/Rasta Zoa/Utter Chaos rock - $300 All prices are OBO - located in Mount Dora Fl
  8. AquaNerd

    AquaNerd Poll - What's your favorite Zoanthid?

    Take the poll and see the results. It's easy and it will be fun to see what peoples favorite zoanthids are. Next Friday we will post a poll - What is your favorite Palythoa? If you have one you would like to see on the list then post it below. Also we can add other zoa polyps to our current...
  9. haleyf1024

    Rasta and armageddon zoas

    So I just bought a single Armageddon polyp from work (only $12.75!!) but I'm having a hard time finding much info on them, other than they are one of the known "difficult" zoas. Anyone have some first hand experience with them? Or know what they like? My Rastas are doing amazing, despite pretty...
  10. Tyler mikos

    Large Rasta colony sale

    Hey. I'm new to selling anything online, please bare with me. 30 polyp colony, $25o +shipping. I'll add a free polyp of utter chaos for free. I have frags for $10 of the UC if you buy the rasta colony. Shipping is typically 39.99. Please tell me if I'm going about this wrong. Thankyou -Tyler