1. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas + OG Bounce Hallucinations Pikachus Purple Monsters Frozen Armegeddon Many Others

    LOWER PRICES - Please enquire for package price if interested! Colonies include Hallucinations, Pikachus, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Frozen Armegeddon, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D plus OG Bounce Mushrooms and Reverse Maui Wowi Mushroom. Standard DOA applies. Free...
  2. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas Palys Pikachu, Butt Kisser, Purple Monster, Rasta, Bam Bam, Gatorade, Sunny D

    Mini colonies of zoas, palys and ricordea shown in the images below with prices. Standard DOA applies, please send photo within 2 hours of opening if DOA. Free shipping over $350, otherwise $50. Thanks for looking!
  3. ChaosAquaculture

    Website updates for the coral addict in all of us

    Courtney Tea hand selected a few of her favorites and got them on the site to satisfy the coral addict in all of us. OG Quarter Size Huge Red Devil Mushroom CHECK OUR LATEST ADDITIONS New Section Added - Brad's Picks!! 5 Frag Picks of Brad's Choice for $199.99 and Free Shipping for all...
  4. Steven w

    New York OG Collectors Zoa Frag Packs (includes Rastas, Blondies, Lakers, Jungle Juice Etc

    Pack one is for $175 shipped. Use pic below for names from left to right top to bottom La Lakers 5p, Jungle Juice 8p, Rastas 5p, long lash eagle eyes 3p, blondies 4p, Green Bay Packers 8p, Whammin Watermelons 8p, Safe Crackers 7p. WYSIWYG Pack 2 is for $140 shipped Use pic below for...
  5. Curtie44

    Nice SPS frags (Local pick up only Martinsburg WV)

    I've got a bunch of nice healthy frags up for sale. No shipping, local pickup only, though I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet if you buy multiple pieces. I'm in Martinsburg WV, 25404. Here's what I have: Cali Tort 1 - $45 Cali Tort 2 - $45 Cali Tort 3 - $55 Cali Tort 4...
  6. Robink

    Looking to trade...

    I'm looking for bam bams, rastas, rainbow paly's,...also looking for a small frag of rr the vinh, if anyone has one. Lost mine during a move. I have for trade: medium jedi mindtrick 2-3 inches frags of vivid rainbow acro sunset monti mystic sunset monti probably will have some more corals to...