1. Zach0918

    FS: New/Open Box PhosBan 550 Media Reactor

    I bought this with intentions of installing it but ended up having to move and get out of the hobby. I opened it to look at it but nothing was ever installed. Asking $60 shipped
  2. M

    Oregon WTB GFO reactor

    Looking mainly for Aquamaxx reactor but open to others.
  3. Andrew Schubert

    Sulfer vs BioPellet Reactors

    Background: I've been Running Zeovite for the past 2 years and really haven't been too happy with its results (especially with as much as it all costs). Anyways, I ran across these BioPellet reactors and Sulfur reactors for controlling nitrates and am interested in maybe making the switch. So...
  4. P

    BioPellets or Algae Reactor

    I recently purchased an eel fro my 345L system and I want to prevent the spike of nitrate and phosphate due to the eel's food from creating an algae issue. My tank (which I bought second hand) had a Reef Octopus Biopellet reactor which I didn't use when setting up my tank, should I run it as a...
  5. Simply__J

    Florida SOLD SOLD! Ocean Revive + 2x Dual 24" T5s Fixture

    Three part sale or you can take it all for $550 45 Gal. Custom Rimeless Glass Cube Aquarium (L 23 ¾" W 23 ¾" H 18 ½") Reef Ready/Drilled + Dual return w/ check valve, herbie (dorso mod) overflow for quiet operation. No leaks. Will include all hard pvc plumbing + 4x manifold w/ unions and ball...
  6. Surfpulse

    How to hard pipe bashsea reactor.

    Hey So I'm trying to hard pipe a bashsea pellet reactor. I was hoping someone on here as done this. What size hardware did you use, 1/2 or 3/4? Any advice would be amazing. I don't wanna break this reactor. Thank you
  7. D

    California WTB Pax Bellum ARID N24

    Please let me know if you have one for sale.
  8. Brent Behringer

    California Reactors Brand New AquaMaxx XS Media Reactor Custom Painted

    Selling my Brand New AquaMaxx XS Media Reactor Took it out if the box and custom painted the top, bottom gray and thumb screws red for my build Never used - Brand New $45 shipped
  9. R

    New Toy

    So my wife has been hearing me talk about how I've been wanting an algae reactor. Well she surprised me by buying me this for my birthday! Anyone have any tips on how they run theirs for success? Anything else i should be buying? Thank you!
  10. LxHowler

    Rowaphos and carbon in the same reactor

    So I am aware that this isn't the best or most efficient way to run both carbon and rowaphos but I broke one of my reactors earlier and can't get a new one quickly so I was wondering if this idea would work as a temporary solution. I know that carbon and rowaphos ideally have different flows and...
  11. stylolvr

    Florida Skimmers Reactors Phosban Reactor 150 and Bubble Magus NAC3.5

    I have a couple of pieces of equipment that are a bit aged but have never been used. These were purchased as part of a 75 gallon mixed reef that never ended up happening, and I'm now working on a Waterbox 20 cube that won't have a need for either. Both are available for local pick-up in the...
  12. Bassmaster116

    CARx on apex

    So i have set up my carx about 2 weeks ago, using a reef octo in conjunction with the carbon doser and my apex. Just curious anyone else who is using their apex as the ph controlle, what does your ph graph look like? mine was up and down alot but now had seemed to steady out. Set my effluent to...
  13. DaddyFish

    DIY Biopellet Reactor using water filter housing

    Probably nothing new to most, but here's my latest iteration of my homemade biopellet reactor. Total cost was $25. Constructed with a transparent water filter housing, there's a plastic tube glued into the housing base at the bottom with holes drilled around the bottom end for flow velocity. A...
  14. Elysium

    Maine Lighting Powerheads Filters Fragging Hiatus sale: Aquasaw, HO-T5, PAR38, Heaters, MP10s and more

    Hey everyone. Due to my tanks getting nuked thanks to an apartment building fire during a nice frigid April, I’m officially on hiatus from the hobby. Since I’m not setting up anything until actually buying a house, I figure it’s time to offload all my extraneous equipment and start fresh build...
  15. Chas

    New Sump Filtration Setup

    I've always used AIOs when it comes to my saltwater tanks. So, this is my first system that I've setup myself from top (40b drilled w ATO) to bottom (Fijicube sump w 2 filter sock holes, the usual temp and heater etc holes, and five chambers). I have a question, possibly two. My sump setup has...
  16. Karen00

    Nitrate Reactor/Denitrator (feed or not to feed?)

    Hello all, I tried doing searches here as well as general Google searches but can't seem to find an answer so I thought I would just post the question to the experts. For transparency this question is for my freshwater setup but I assume will also apply to my saltwater setup once I get that...
  17. TriggerFan

    Texas Aquariums Reactors Miscellaneous Brand New - Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2

    I have a brand new / unused Avast Marine Mutiny Ozone Reactor v2 + CR5 Carbon Postfilter for Mutiny Ozone Reactor + Ozotech Poseidon 200 Black Edition Ozone Generator. Ready to plug and use. A total of four carbon packs that will last you 8 months! What's Included Comes with Ozone reactor...
  18. Hugo Garcia

    Cheato “Reactor”

    Hello guys I just moved to Brazil, and have all my fish quarantine, so I can’t have a refugium. So my solution was to put my cheato with saltwater and some media in bucket and put 2 cheatomaxx lights on top of it. My question is, do you guys think will work? My ReadSea 350 is still on its way...
  19. H

    Would placing a biopellet and calcium reactor after my refugium damage my pod populations?

    Like would they get trapped or injured in the reactors?
  20. H

    Would using a copper manifold for my reactors kill my inverts?

    Yeah so what the title says.
  21. H

    Cheap Calcium Reactor?

    Okay I’ve been lookin at Calcium Reactors and a complete set up is in the $800-$1000 range. Are there any cheaper ones?
  22. Cjshank0

    Maryland Skimmers Reactors 3 Kessil Goosenecks, Neptune Probe Rack, Aqua Lifter, HOB Overflows Reef Octopus MF300B Reactor, SCA 302 Skimmer

    Goosenecks - $25each plus shipping. I’ll cover shipping if all 3 are purchased together RO MF300B reactor- $50 plus shipping SCA 302 Skimmer -$90 plus shipping Aqua Lifter $20 plus shipping Neptune probe rack (NIB) - $20 plus shipping Also have a few hang on overflows I am getting rid of...
  23. K

    Illinois Aquariums Aquarium Controller Powerheads Sumps Getting out of the hobby - lots for sale

    Hi everyone, It pains me to say this but I’m getting out of the hobby for a while. I planned to finally set up my dream tank last year, but work + life has kept me super busy & I haven’t had the time or energy. Now, I’m buying a home and am going to be spending the next year doing renovations...
  24. R

    Illinois Indiana Kentucky Michigan Ohio BRS Carbon/GFO deluxe reactor

    Hello, I have an extra BRS Carbon/GFO deluxe reactor that i'm wanting to sell. Its brand new in the box never been opened. Normal price is $70 looking to get $55 for it, willing to ship in the US only.
  25. MarineDepot

    Reef Octopus 0% APR Financing is on!

    SHOP NOW! *Available to U.S. residents only. Previous purchases ineligible for offer. Offer subject to change at any time. Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with financing rates from 0-30% APR. Eligibility for financing and rates are based on applicant’s creditworthiness. Affirm loans are made by...
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