1. Kipp's Corals


    This XXL Aqua Maxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor is perfect for marine aquariums with a tank capacity of 1000 Gallons, asking $150 + shipping OBO. located Upstate NY. is missing one nylon screw but easy to replace.
  2. tigé21v

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Breaking Down Systems

    Hey everyone, my dad and i are breaking down our systems, and getting rid of our stuff. just have another hobby taking over honestly. We have ALOT of things we are selling. and will try to keep the list updated as stuff sells. all i ask is please no lowball offers, and message if truly...
  3. T

    USA WTB Arid pax Pellum c30 or c36

    Looking to buy a c30 or 36. I have several smaller algae reactors if anyone is looking to downsize that I could throw in to cut off the price a little. I'm open to trading any of my other equipment in the deal as well.
  4. strawberry_reef

    Ohio Filters Drygoods SOLD Avast Marine Works Vibe Media Reactor - 2 Liter - Zeovit Reactor

    Relisting because buyer backed out. Information on the reactor below! Avast Marine Works "Vibe" Media Reactor - 2 Liter Model - Zeovit Reactor -Lightly used. Tested and still works great. -Cleaned and ready to be shipped. -Shipping is free. Or if picking up, knock off $15. -Retail was $419...
  5. Surfpulse

    California SOLD Apex gear, reactors, AI , TRIGGER SUMP and misc

    Some items are new and some are used. Feel free to come by my house for pick up (Vacaville, CA) or I can ship it. If shipping anything, cost of shipping is not included in the prices.. I have more pics available apon request. Please be patient, I normally work 72hrs straight and up to 96hrs- I...
  6. T

    USA WTB Pacific sun algae reactor and Pacific sun media reactors

    Looking to buy any of their media reactors but very interesting in that algae reactors, unfortunately can't justify 188 euro shipping.
  7. Surfpulse

    bashsea bio reactor

    Hey So I got a quick question. I scored this bio reactor but what am I missing? It looks like there would be a pump connected to the union? I looked online and cant seem to find the same one. By any chance does anyone have some pics to help me with this ? Thanks
  8. strawberry_reef

    Ohio Filters Media SOLD Avast Marine Works - Vibe Reactor - 2L

    Avast Marine Works Vibe Reactor - 2L In great condition! Used for a couple months, still works flawlessly. No pump included. Asking $300 OBO (shipped). Local pickup is in 44039 (Ohio).
  9. PhotonBlue

    Texas Two Little Fishies PhosBan 550 Reactor - 45

    used for 9 months comes in original box $45 SOLD
  10. Reefer37

    Media Reactors vs Calcium Reactors

    So I'm completely new to reactors and got an IM reactor in a recent tank pick up. I guess my question is, what is the difference between media reactor vs a calcium reactor? Can you use one for the other or are they completely independent?
  11. BonelessEvil

    Will phytoplankton grow naturally in my tank?

    I hear a lot about phytoplankton reactors and dosing it when you introduce copepods, or feed clams, etc. still, once I pour a bag of the green liquid into my aquarium, will it continue to grow naturally? Or do you have to keep resupplying the tank. If so, why? For example, once copepods are...
  12. Spanks2

    New Jersey For Sale Equipment - Masterflex, Calcium Reactors, Apex modules, Gyre XF150, reactors

    Change of Reefing Plan :-( due to Personal Reasons. I'm now selling Unused and New Equipment. Please no low ball offers. Thank you Starting with Calcium Reactor Pump. Cole Parmer Masterflex L/S 7523-80 Digital Peristaltic Pump EasyLoad II Asking $950 or OBO,
  13. Reefpro

    Washington Carbon Doser Electronic Regulator

    i have an almost new Carbon doser electronic regulator for sale. Only used 1 month. It was back up only and no longer need have box manuals/everything $260 plus shipping Pictures will be posted tomorrow/item is cross posted on local forumn as well
  14. RichyRich50

    Are GFO and Carbon Media Reactor the same as a Bio-Pellet Reactor

    I recently purchased a Red Sea Reefer 350. I have been looking at different pluming styles and finally narrow it down to one. So for this setup I need 3 reactors, the two that I am looking at are BRS Dual Reactors or the AquaMaxx Reactors. This brings me to my question, "are GFO and Carbon Media...
  15. R&J Reefs

    Running reactors off return pump or separate pump

    Want opinions and what you guys do ? I’m on the fence for teeing off my return or just having a dedicated pump for the manifold . Space is not a issue in my sump . I’m not going to run a chiller ( where I live doesn’t get super hot and where my tank will be in my house stays very cool .