red mangroves

  1. ReefLegends

    Livestock Last week of FREE 2 day UPS shipping at $40. On Monday FREE shipping min will be $50

    Our Free shipping minimum amount will be going from $40 to $50 on April 1st. Orders containing Live Phyto, Rotifers, Copepods and Combo packages will need to be higher than $49.99 to ship for free. Orders under $49.99 will have a flat $20.00 shipping fee added to cover the cost of our insulated...
  2. juke59

    Florida Live Goods Florida Red mangroves

    Florida red mangroves aquacultured with roots and sprouts. Ready for your refugium or display tank.
  3. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    R2R Username: @inland_reef Build Thread: Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon Introduction: Hello all! First off, I want to thank Reef2Reef for picking my reef tank as May’s Reef of the Month! I have been following along the Reef of the Month winners for years and can say the previous winners have...
  4. gr8pretender

    Wild Mangrove Transplant

    After an hour of Google, YouTube and Reef2Reef searches I wasn’t finding the quite the answers I was looking for, so apologies if this was asked before. I have a saltwater reef tank and I recently collected a few wild red mangrove saplings that I would like to grow in my reef tank. From what I...
  5. ReefStash

    Wild collected red mangrove propagules

    I’ve been tankless for the last 3 months while we moved our family of 7 from San Antonio Texas to SW Florida area. There are Red Mangrove Propagules everywhere in this area. I found out that it’s legal to collect them as long as they aren’t rooted and growing along the coast. So... I’ve been...