redfield ratio

  1. sixty_reefer

    Sixty’s Understanding of Nutrient Ratios

    In this thread I will be using the abbreviation C (carbon) N (nitrogen) P (phosphates) The word “Parameters” will refer to no3 and Po4 only At no given point I will be using the above abbreviations to describe parameters as it’s widely seen and confusing wend discussing ratios, Ratios are...
  2. B

    Will 10 ml daily be effective using No3:PO4-X for the first time.

    Will dosing 10 ml a day of N03P04-X be enough to feed bacteria populations and eventually begin to drop nitrates? I have an approx. 200 gallon (757 L) system mixed reef. I currently have been using a large skimmer and gfo reactor for nutrient export. I have been using api for nitrates but just...
  3. Reef and Dive

    Redfield Ratio Revisited – What are we doing wrong?

    Paulo Mallard Scaldaferri, João Carlos Basso, Marcos Augusto Bizeto, Miguel Mies, Roberto Denadai, Junio Melo Introduction Possible applications of the Redfield ratio in the management of the marine aquarium have been discussed over the year. Many have considered that knowledge very helpful...
  4. Reefahholic

    Good Nitrate to Phosphate ratio for a reef tank?

    Hello! Over the years this has been one of my favorite subjects. A while back I noticed my tanks doing a lot better with more NO3 than PO4. When the NO3 matched the PO4 on the lower side the tank begin to grow hair algae in the sump, and dark brown algae on the rocks, overflow box, sand-bed...
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