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  1. B

    Buckerberg's Reefer 170

    Hey reef2reef, Been lurking around the forums already for a few months while setting up my first reef tank after 10+ years of freshwater systems. Seems fitting to start a build thread in retrospect Here is my journey so far: Setup a Reefer 170 at the end of September/start of October...
  2. P

    bio cube 29 stocked vs Red Sea G170

    Hi there, I am new to the hobby, and I narrowed my choice down to these 2 tanks for the size of my area. A used Red Sea G170 comes with a lid and pump for 400 cash or a 29gallon bio cube comes stocked with fish and has an aftermarket light and hanging skimmer for 300 turn key. Any...
  3. A

    New Jersey Live Goods RedSea Reefer 170 Complete Tank + Equipment/Corals/Livestock

    Hi guys, newborn in my life so it's time for a break. Been reefing since i was like 12. Will update this post little by little with anything i've missed but for now here is a quick list and photos. Tank was started January 2020. Growth has been insane. Open to offers but ideally need to get...
  4. O

    Redsea RSK300 fizzing.

    Recently upgraded to the redsea rsk300 using in my reefer 170. For about four days it was just fizzing with the - fully turned. Randomly after four days it started going crazy overflowing and it eventually settled down. After around four/five hours of producing skimate it randomly stopped and is...
  5. crendon2003

    Texas Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea 170 AIO Brand New!!! *SOLD*

    Brand new Red Sea reefer 170. Had this with intentions of setting up and never got around to it. Now it is taking up space and wife says has to go. Will include the macro rocks and shelf rocks, the life guard Quiet one 3000 pump as well in the picture. Asking $350 OBO Chris 512-576-5181
  6. J

    Sand Options

    First build! Looking for suggestions on sand. Currently deciding between Pink fiji and special grade. Anyone have any suggestions on pros and cons for each! This is a Red Sea Reefer 170, with a sump conversion.
  7. Max Hill

    Aquariums Dosing Drygoods Redsea Reefer 170 Delux and Doser

    Please See the list below, Feel free to reach out with any further questions.
  8. Tuna Melt

    Build Thread Building Tuna Melt's Bustling Mixed Reef

    Full Tank Shot as of 2/23/2024: Come one come all, welcome to my build thread. First, a bit about myself. When I was 14 I stumbled into an archaic corner of YouTube where people were keeping reef ecosystems in little glass boxes. I was hooked and immediately wanted to join in the fun. My...
  9. Zero1091

    California Aquariums Miscellaneous Drygoods Xx Redsea Reefer 170 xX Full tank setup & PREMIUM ITEMS

    Hi guys looking to sell my project tank -NO TRADES & NO RUSH TO SELL - SHIPPING & LOCAL SALE IN GRANADA HILLS, CA I was in the process of purchasing all the equipment over the years to set up a dream tank. I have everything needed to set this tank up minus a light and no longer have the time...
  10. Max Hill

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods Full System Teare Down - Chicago IL - Shipping Available for Certin Items

    Hello All, The good news is I get to move to Germany. The bad news is I have to tear down everything and start over. It has be an amazing journey learning, building, and enjoying my tank. Here is everything I have to offer. Let me know if your interested in anything. Its all gotta go. I'm...
  11. N64

    I bought a red sea reefer 170 tank only

    Hello R2R! I purchased a red sea reefer 170 today at a garage sale in the box. My issue is it was just the tank. No stand no sump no piping. Any idea how I should go about getting the piping and the sump or a sump for this. Thanks kindly for your replies and time!
  12. S

    Found Diamond goby dead in my redsea valve

    I have been missing my 4 inch diamond goby for a couple days. Looked everywhere. I even had my bengal cat on trial for the goby’s murder...there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. My levels started to rise so I searched everywhere. I finally found his bones after taking part the flow valve in my...
  13. mariano

    Build Thread Little reef in an apt Redsea 170

    I never was really interested in corals/ saltwater aquariums until one day, I think it was Feb 2020 I decided to go to my LFS and grab some fish for my roommate's freshwater tank. when I got to the store I saw this two little crabs, emeralds, and fell in love with them, and the next day I told...
  14. mariano

    Bottle bacteria FritzZyme Turbo Start 900

    This is going to be crazy and I probably will get a lot of people tell me im crazy, but I feel like it would be good to share this process, just in case someone goes thru the same thing, and I will try to update it as much as I can. So I been very picky about my aquascape, Tank has been set up...
  15. Erik the Red

    Back in the business: advices after a long break

    Hi everyone, I’m about to start again with a tank, after a lot of years of inactivity. I’ve some experience but mainly with freshwater...I’ve had only one reef tank for a short while as a pennyless student before giving up. I would like to start again with a reef and I’m considering the Red Sea...
  16. sradosevich

    Build Thread My Red Sea Reefer 170-E

    I've been in this hobby since I was a teen. My current living situation is such that a large tank is not feasible , nor is a whole house generator that I had on my previous house... But I'm making due and making equipment selections that will lend themselves to a future big upgrade when life...
  17. bar|none

    Build Thread SPS Dominant Reefer 170 Full Triton Kessil/T5 Hybrid

    (NEW SPS!!) My goal is to build out a Red Sea Reefer 170 with modifications to run a Mixed LPS/SPS tank on the Full Triton method. Refugium as primary nutrient export with Hybrid LED/T5 lighting. Small skimmer rather than full sized, to guard real estate for refugium. VIDEO TOUR of Sump Mods...
  18. Taxus812

    Build Thread Terrys Red Sea Max E170 Build thread

    Here we go. I started my tank build before getting to R2R but I did make a log of what was going on so I can do a bunch of catch up posts until I get current. Some of this is in my introduction so I am sorry about the repeat information Background of what I want and how im going about building...
  19. K

    Will a Red Sea Max 260 Sump Upgrade fit a Max 170?

    I tried finding this info everywhere to no avail...even red sea manual for the max line up doesn't cover dimensions of the two sumps only water volume and they differ from 1 gallon in size. I want to know if I can use the red sea max 260 sump upgrade on my current max 170 plug and play. In pics...
  20. Acameron2

    Build Thread Themangrovegarden

    Hey, Anthony here! Been a REEF2REEF member for a few years now and originally started out on this forum with my nano 20g JBJ. So figured I’ll start a new thread since I finally got my hands on a Red Sea reefer 170. I transferred everything from my nano to the new tank. Figured I’ll just name...
  21. J

    Drop-in fleece filter system in a Red Sea 170 sump?

    Will this product work? I removed my ATO reservoir and curious if this will fit in the Red Sea holder? Any thoughts? Thanks!