redsea 650

  1. vangvace

    Vangvace's Red Sea Max S 650

    In the beginning... there was a betta fish. It was quickly followed up with small freshwater tank and a Via Aqua 18g saltwater tank. At that point I was hooked, but because of work I would stick to nano and pico tanks for the next 15 years, when not living overseas anyways. Last year I...
  2. Joe Batt

    Red Sea Peninsula 650/500

    Hi All After recent problems and looking at a total restart I am thinking of upgrading to the Red Sea 650 Peninsula. I am also thinking to go full Triton method. Will the refugium in the Red Sea Peninsula sump support the Triton method, or is it too small?
  3. geo

    Red Sea Peninsula 650 gets new custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump

    Thank you to Helias from New York for ordering this custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump for his new Red Sea Peninsula 650. I would like to see this tank a year from now.
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