reef art

  1. rlkilwil

    Custom Reef-Themed Paintings- spots open!

    Hey everyone! My name is Reisa, and I’m an art student and professional artist as well! I have been painting for over ten years and have combined my love of reef keeping with my love of art by creating custom reef- themed art for peoples fish rooms or above their tanks! I even use UV reactive...
  2. rlkilwil

    Custom Reef Art- I need a few new projects!

    Hey everyone! I’m a professional artist and a reefer and I have a few slots open for custom reef art! I can do your favorite fish, corals, inverts, or all of the above! I have posted some of my art so you guys can see my style and a few examples! I am currently in art school and have been...
  3. rlkilwil

    Custom Zoa paintings on sale!

    Hey all! My name is Reisa, and I’m an art student and a painter who is turning to reefing with her hobby! I have started creating custom UV reactive panels thanks to @KellyCorals and a couple other customers! I am doing a special starting now for anyone interested in fish or coral art! The...
  4. Mr_Knightley

    Sharing some of my art and sculpture with you guys.

    Hey there everyone! I've got some art to share with you all, hope you enjoy the thread as it develops over the months. I've been working on some sculptures lately that I plan to sell (possibly through R2R), but wanted to gauge the market out there before I started making too many of them...