Custom Reef Art- I need a few new projects!


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Oct 28, 2020
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daytona beach
Hey everyone! I’m a professional artist and a reefer and I have a few slots open for custom reef art! I can do your favorite fish, corals, inverts, or all of the above! I have posted some of my art so you guys can see my style and a few examples!

I am currently in art school and have been painting for years- I also work heavily with the Adobe creative suite in the early processes of my pieces. So whatever idea you have, I can do it!

Because the forum requires pricing, I’m also offering 12 by 12 single-polyp paintings for 150 including shipping- they’re a pretty quick project but having a set of them above the tank is stunning!

If you are at all interested in having me make something awesome for your fish room or above your tank, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I have finished some projects lately so fill my plate up with new ones! I can do fluorescent, UV reactive, and glow in the dark paints- in whatever combination you want!

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