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reef frenzy

  1. A Close Look at Reef Frenzy Foods

    Spotlight A Close Look at Reef Frenzy Foods

    Larry DuPont, the owner and founder of LRS Foods LLC, known to the Reef2Reef forum members as Reef Frenzy (foods), posted an interesting look inside how Reef Frenzy foods are made. We thought it would be useful to post it again here in the article section. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's hard to believe...
  2. ReefFrenzy

    Introducing "Dexter's Dividers" available from LRS!

    My local fish store owner is very resourceful and loves to tinker. Over the past several years he has been fabricating different versions of aquarium dividers to segregate livestock and also create baffles and refugium compartments in sumps. He has tried many different materials, suction cups...
  3. ReefFrenzy

    Reefkeeping in the land "Down Under." A new podcast posted.

    Many thanks to our friends Peter and Sue who own the store called "100% Reef Safe" in Australia. In this podcast we discuss some of the differences and difficulties hobbyists face in their country. We learn about restrictions on livestock, mandated QT procedures, using natural saltwater, and...
  4. Flippers4pups

    Build Thread Flippers reef 125 gallon

    The story of Flippers reef started long ago.......... In a time before a thing called "The Internet"existed. Land locked Missouri, mid western U.S.A. back in 1993. I had just got out of the army in 1992 and got busy starting a family. See, I had fresh water tanks off and on since I was very...
  5. LRS "Behind-The-Scenes" Giveaway

    LRS "Behind-The-Scenes" Giveaway

    LRS "Behind-The-Scenes" Giveaway We're excited to announce a new and fun contest for our community sponsored by LRS Foods! LRS Foods just celebrated their five year anniversary by releasing a “behind-the-scenes” video produced by Mark Callahan. They’ve come a long way in a short period of time...
  6. GoVols

    Build Thread GoVols: Red Sea S-400

    Purchased this tank in 2013 and have done a lot mods. Used to be almost all SPS but missed the swaying of LPS. (After dino damage) Don't have pictures from start until now. But this is our family's joy. :) ................Built in Power Center :) Specs: 110 Gallon / Bare Bottom / Mixed...