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  1. ReefStache

    Reef Lights and cash drops! $40

    The CADE gets reef lights! Blazin lights! We also have a $40 cash drop for you - watch entire vid for details! Link: #reefstache #reeftanks #reeflights
  2. chemicals

    Redsea reefer 350 or waterbox reef 100.3

    Hi there, I am new to salt water aquaria and I’m looking into my first reef tank. I have a hard time deciding between the Redsea reefer 350 deluxe (47x21x20”) and Waterbox reef 100.3 (36x24x22”). They are both around 75 gallon but the reefer 350 is 4ft and the reef 100.3 is 36”. Does anybody...
  3. reefcubed

    The ultimate Mangrove thread!!

    I have been keeping, messing with, and experimenting with mangroves for years. I have read information far and wide, and utilized experience of other refers on here as well. I hope this becomes the one stop spot for inspiration and information. I hope that other mangrove aficionados join in with...
  4. Waterbox Aquariums

    Crazy Deal in this weeks live stream

    Watch today's live stream
  5. Jeremy Lain

    How long does it take for coraline algae to grow

    Hello, I was wondering how long it takes for coraline algae to grow in a reef tank? Does it have to be introduced to the reef tank some how or does it just start growing? Some information on it is what I am looking for, and maybe some pictures of reef tanks that have it.
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