reefwave 45

  1. Obdoc63

    Florida ReefWave 25, ReefWave 45, vortech MP10

    I have the following wave makers available. All are in excellent condition. ReefWave 25 $250 ObO ReefWave 45 $300 OBO VorTech MP10wQD-US. Mobius ready. $275 All plus shipping.
  2. legacy2mj

    Alternative to vinegar to clean pumps

    I’m gonna have the vinegar take a seat on the bench for a bit.. Iv been going straight to this for years to clean my stuff… soak 12-24 hours. But every single time I’m disappointed in the vinegars performance. Still end up scrubbing like crazy and to be honest a lot times after 12-24 hours, I...
  3. V

    SOLD RedSea Reefwave 45

    Hello Everyone. I have a Redsea ReefWave 45 for sale. It is in great condition and comes with extra seals and snail guard. I am looking to get @250 for it. Located in Roanoke VA but can ship if needed for extra.
  4. Reefer825

    Maryland (SOLD) Redsea ReefWave45

    (SOLD) Reefwave 45 Gyre (3960 GPH). It was ran at 20%-40% for six months on a 85g system. It overkill for my tank so downgraded to a smaller gyre. Lightly used, one owner, like new condition. Box with spare parts kit, manual, etc. (SOLD)
  5. ze_reef

    WTB Looking for Red Sea ReefLed 160S

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to buy a used Red Sea ReefLed 160S for a new tank build. I will need for it to get shipped to Colorado. Also looking for a Reefwave 45 and a Red Sea RSK 900. Please DM me what you have. Thank you!
  6. enlighten

    California Red Sea ReefWave 45 - Working

    We are setting up a 210g tank that crashed a while ago, it has been some time to get everything in order but we want to do it right! Currently have the Reefwave 45 but looking for another to pair and create nice flow within the system. Already put a lot of funds to restart the tank, lots lost in...
  7. gspeed124

    Georgia ReefWave 45

    Reef Wave 45 Cleaned and ready to ship! 225 shipped Comes in box with spare parts.
  8. E

    Oregon Red Sea Reefwave 45 (x2) w/Boxes

    Used less than 6 months, perfect condition. Controllers never near water. $550 shipped for the pair, $300 shipped for one .
  9. gspeed124

    Georgia ReefWave 45

    Reefwave 45 cleaned and ready to go comes in box 225 shipped
  10. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Red Sea Reefwave 45 (Used)

    Used Red Sea Reefwave 45 Good condition $275.00 Shipped
  11. Blue Tang Clan

    Maryland Red Sea ReefWave 45 Gyre - four (4) Reef Wave gyres available - $249 each

    Four units available! $249 each. I used eight of these on my 1000G system and I am downsizing since they put out so much flow (4000GPH). All four of these work perfectly and are clean and ready to give your tank a strong sheet of waves. UPS Ground shipping is $7 for one unit, and a flat $10...
  12. kdtorgy

    Powerheads RedSea ReefWave 45 with controller

    I used this for about 2.5 years with no problems. Setup and WiFi control is super easy. I regularly cleaned the pump and just before I took it offline I replaced all of the moving parts. The only reason I’m selling is I’ve added more gyre pumps and integrated them with the CoralVue Hyrdos Wave...
  13. Mrfish2020

    Canada Equipment from 75 Gallon Salt water tank system for sale.

    2 x Red Sea ReefLED 90's $750 Cad 1x Red Sea ReefWave 45 $325 Cad 1x Bubble Magus Curve 5 Elite $225 Cad 1x IceCap pro turf scrubber $225 Cad 1x Bubble Magus automatic roller arf-m G2 $225 Cad 1x Bubble Magus automatic roller arf-m G2 roll $20 Cad All in original boxes and receipts. Located in...
  14. Iinux

    Texas SOLD 2X RedSea ReefWave 45s w/controller and more!

    Hey all, getting a new tank and these are going to be way too powerful. Ran these are my 200 gallon for a year and a half. I have two Red Sea Reefwave 45's with controllers along with some replacement parts. Bearings were replaced about 2 months before breaking down the old tank, they are still...
  15. Blue Tang Clan

    Maryland (2) ReefWave 45 Gyre Pumps by Red Sea w/ controllers - $499/pair

    I have two Red Sea Reefwave 45 gyres for sale. I used eight of them on my 1000G system and that was overkill (they push almost 4000gph each) so I'm downsizing to six. All come in their original boxes -- everything as if they were new. $499 for the pair. Shipping is available via UPS Ground for...
  16. Blondie Fragz

    Reef Wave Connecting as 25 when it’s a 45

    Hello all!! I am really hoping someone can help me with this so I don’t have to replace the controller completely. My ReefWave45 is showing on the Wifi connection and in the app as a 25 so it no longer works. It’s 6 months past the warranty so they are offering a discounted controller but I’m...
  17. Ufjd144

    Florida RedSea ReefWave 45 Pump w/ controller (2)

    Selling 2 “Like New” RedSea ReefWave 45 Pumps w/ controllers.
  18. Chee-tomorpha

    Build Thread Reefer Peninsula 500 and Red Sea Ecosystem

    Hello fellow reefers! This is my first ever post and will also be a build post too. A little intro about me. I started getting into reefing about 8 years ago, before that I was into freshwater aquariums and kept angelfish, had some breeding projects as well. I got interested in reefing after my...
  19. Rams

    New Jersey Redsea reefwave 45

    One month old pump,want to trade for MP40 mobius.PM me if anyone wants to trade.comes with box and everything it came with it.
  20. Bmartinez76

    Florida RedSea Reefwave 45

    Broke down tank, selling 2 RedSea Reefwave 45's. These are less than a year old. Asking $225 each shipped. Located in Orlando, Florida. Winter Garden to be specific for any locals.
  21. __Jreef__

    Florida Miscellaneous equipment for sale -Kessil A360x- MP10QD - 36” Hybrid T5HO -Innovate Marine - APS Aluminum stand & few more

    All equipment it’s in great working and cosmetic condition. I been holding this equipment for a frag set up but I decided just to keep my display tank. I’m located in Coral Springs Florida Prices are set willing to split shipping if you're not local and slightly negotiable. Kessil - A360X -...
  22. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) Unboxing and Setup of the Reefwave 25 Red Sea pump

    Hello, So I bought this pump a couple of months ago. I wanted a pump that had a large flow for my frag tank and being compact and silent. So this is the version of Red Sea that I'm currently using. I made a video of Unboxing and Setup of the ReefWave 25. A certain point in the video I show a...